Ayala Malls Manila Bay Intelligent Parking System

Ayala Malls Manila Bay Unveils Cutting-Edge Intelligent Parking System

No more parking horror stories!

Ayala Malls has found a way to make your mall experience better and safer with the Intelligent Parking System, the first and most advanced parking system in the country. Equipped with the latest technology, you no longer need to worry about misplacing parking cards, forgetting where you left your car, and overthinking if your vehicle is safe within the basement premises.

Modeled after the technology used in the world-class Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport, the Ayala Malls Intelligent Parking System is smart, safe, convenient—and most important, contactless. Already introduced at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, the biggest Ayala Mall in the country to date, the Intelligent Parking System was developed by NEXPA System Co., Ltd., a Korea-based industry leader that specializes in smart parking and is made available here in Manila thru Ubitechnology.

The innovative Intelligent Parking System makes customers mall visits more convenient and hassle-free with its three main features:

Cardless and Digital Wallet Options

Not only are misplaced parking cards inconvenient, they cost customers extra money when they pay the penalty. With the Intelligent Parking System, shoppers do away with cards and minimize the risk of transmitting virus through contact with the help of their cardless system. The A.I. parking system reads the vehicle’s plate number upon entry and automatically lifts the boom barrier. Once a shopper is ready to leave the premises, customers can proceed to the Parking Pay Stations (PPS) which are strategically located at all parking entrance/exit accesses.

At the PPS, customers need only to type in the last 4 digits of their vehicle’s plate number and click on their vehicle type to register before they are presented with payment options. For cash transactions, the PPS takes in denominations of P20, P50, and P100 bills as well as P1, P5, and P10 coins. Cashless transactions are also available through GCash or the BPI QR code. Once the transaction is complete, the PPS issues an official receipt acknowledging that the parking is paid and the boom barrier will lift automatically upon exit. 


The cardless system also makes leaving the parking lot much simpler, as people can exit without having to line up to surrender and pay for a parking card.

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Aside from processing payments, the PPS also serves as a directory that maps out the elevators, restrooms, stairs, and escalators around the mall. On top of that, each station has a Help Center button that connects customers to the PPS command center and allows them to speak to a customer support representative should they encounter parking issues.

Find My Car feature

Parking cards aren’t the only thing people tend to forget; not remembering which section of the parking lot they had left their vehicle is common too. Fortunately, with Find My Car, all customers need to remember is the last 4 digits of their license plate number. By clicking on this feature on the PPS and then typing in their plate number, they will be given directions to their car’s location.

Real-time Monitoring

Ayala Malls’ Intelligent Parking System provides additional security cameras and CCTV coverage to ensure the safety and security of every vehicle. The mall’s parking lot is also equipped with prominent LED indicator guides at the entrance of and around the parking lot. Detectors can quickly locate a customer’s car, and the UNI-Directional IP camera sensors provide a clearer, blind spot-free shot of the area.

More features will be rolled out in the near future, especially with the launch of Zing, Ayala Malls’ fully digital loyalty program and mobile app which aims to delight the customers through a totally differentiated shopping experience. Zing is packed with exciting features making it your perfect in-mall app companion, at the same time offering the convenience of shopping online through its virtual mall and Online Ordering System.  The app will make the parking experience even smoother, as shoppers can find available parking spots and pay for them in advance through their smartphones.

World Class Parking Technology

The technology behind the Intelligent Parking System has benefited several establishments all over the world. From Southeast Asia to Australia to Saudi Arabia, it provides optimal parking solutions to various businesses and institutions: Thailand’s Laksong MRT, Vietnam’s Zone2A, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Airport, Singapore’s Sengkang Hospital, Japan’s Welcia DrugStore, Saudi Arabia’s BTC Networks, Mongolia’s Encanto Tower, Australia’s Dreakin University, and more. 

“Ayala Malls believes in the power of technology to help Filipinos adjust to the new normal with safety and in relative comfort,” says Ayala Malls President Jennylle Tupaz. “As they make their essential trips to the mall, we hope that they find their Ayala Malls experience safer and more convenient with the cardless and contactless ease that the Intelligent Parking System brings.”

For more information on Ayala Malls Manila Bay Intelligent Parking, visit https://bit.ly/AyalaMallsIntelligentParkingFeatures and Ayala Malls Manila Bay Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ayalamallsmanilabay/  

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