LOOK: Adidas' Futurecraft.Strung Shoe is Coded for a Perfect Fit

LOOK: Adidas’ Futurecraft.Strung Shoe is Coded for a Perfect Fit

Here's what's coming to Adidas soon!

Adidas‘ latest proof of concept is a robot-sewn shoe with its every thread placement calculated for a perfect fit for the athlete.

The Strung shoe joins the company’s Futurecraft— a division that for years has been finding innovative ways to make footwear. The Futurecraft.Strung is a first-of-its-kind textile innovation where the athlete data is being input into the precision placement of each thread in any direction they choose.

Check out the video below for a closer look:

Photo: Adidas website

Still in the prototype phase, Adidas targets early 2022 to launch their first Futurecraft.Strung shoe. For more information, visit the official blog of Adidas.

Homestream image from the Adidas website.

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