Uniqlo x Doraemon

Here are All the Uniqlo x Doraemon Shirts We’re Adding To Our Carts Soon!

These shirts go on sale this month!

We know where your paychecks are going this month! Uniqlo has recently announced that they’ll be adding a Doraemon collection to their UT Graphic Shirts line, just in time for the manga’s 50th anniversary!

According to their Facebook post, the shirts will include designs that feature all the characters that everyone’s come to love, in a style that will make them feel nostalgic about the original manga. The collection will be including items for the adults, kids, and babies, so everyone in the family can show their love for the characters through these shirts!

The shirts go on sale this October, so you better start marking which one you’ll be adding to cart as soon as they’re available. Check out some of the designs from the collection you’ll be wanting to snag here:

You can also check out the full Uniqlo x Doraemon Collection here.

To know more about this upcoming collection, you may follow Uniqlo’s official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.


Homestream image is from Uniqlo’s official Facebook page.

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