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Instagram Finds: Skincare and Makeup Essentials from Product X

The Story

Product X‘s story started with a makeup brush cleaner created by Xeng Zulueta five years ago. While the brand has been existing since that time, it was only until October 2019 that things became official, and through the launch of Product X’s website and social media pages. Since then, it has been one of the make-up artists go-to brands for their needs.

“I, Xeng Zulueta, created a makeup brush cleaner for makeup artists like me about 5 years ago and I would make it upon request or whenever I had time. It’s always a hit come Christmas time where I would find myself selling many quantities. It’s been a favorite among makeup artists for a few years,” Zulueta shared.

The Specialty

Product X takes pride in its skincare essentials, all of which are created and formulated by Xeng Zulueta herself. Because of her background as an established makeup artist, she shared that while most people expected her to launch her own makeup line, she decided to release products that would complement these makeup products instead. This is why her products are ones you’d see in every makeup artist’s kit and or someone’s dresser – from serums and body washes to setting sprays and makeup brush cleaners.

According to Zulueta, Product X’s bestseller is their Magic Enzyme Serum – an all-natural skin fix that can work wonders on any age, skin concern, and gender. It’s a good product to use for those who want to refine and balance their skin.

Check out her products here:


Magic Enzyme Serum: P750
Magic Setting Spray: P1200
Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner: P500

Price Range:

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  • P500 – P995

How to Order

Customers may check out Product X’s catalogue and shop for their preferred items via their official website and online shop. Payments can be via PayPal or via online banking. The brand offers free shipping nationwide.

You may check out Product X’s Facebook and Instagram pages for updates, product releases, and special discounts.

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