Plan Your 2020 Ahead with These Planners and Journals

Whether you want to travel more, get your life sorted out, or be more mindful of your finances, we're sure there's a planner out there that would perfectly go with your personality and your goals for the year. 

There are a few months left before 2020 kicks off. Even then, though, most of us are probably on the lookout already for planners and journals they could cop to help get their lives together as the new year comes. Whether you want to travel more, get your life sorted out, or be more mindful of your finances, we're sure there's a planner out there that would perfectly go with your personality and your goals for the year. 

Here are planners to check out: 

[Note: This list is regularly being updated so be sure to bookmark it so you could check back for the complete list of planners and how to get them!]

Belle De Jour Power Planners

For its 2020 collection, Belle De Jour is all about reminding women that they are unstoppable in reaching their dreams and goals. With its universe theme, these planners come in four versions: BDJ Classic (P598), BDJ Leather (P598), BDJ Limited Edition (P598), and BDJ Discbound (P995), all of which feature 13 monthly calendars, a vertical weekly layout, a magnetic bookmark, and monthly dividers with workbooks on lifestyle, fashion, career, finances, and more. Just like every other BDJ planner, they also come with a Perks of a Bella Coupon and a BDJ Lifestyle Card. 

Aside from the BDJ Power Planners, you can also check out the other planners in BDJ's collection: Everything is Possible Planner (P598) and Focus Journal (P525) for the goal-oriented; Navi Journal (P598) for the jetsetter; Essentials Planner (P300) for the ones who want to start Bullet Journaling; and Petit Planner (P280) for those who want something small yet functional. 

Where to buy: Online; Local bookstores 

Tita Witty's The Akala Ko May Matitira Sa Bonus Ko and Other Jokes

Photo: Witty Will Save the World/Facebook

Tita Witty's witty planners are back, and for this year, she dedicates it to those whose habit is to spend their salary and their bonus all in one go because who even isn't marupok these days?! 

Priced at P580, this year's planners are said to be perfect for those who struggle with everything from money to love life with its weekly spreads, and witty features like Bingo Cards, motivation pages, and practical life advice. 

Where to buy: FULLY BOOKED and LINYA LINYA Stores 

Muji's 2020 Planner

Muji Planner ClickTheCity
Photo: Muji/Facebook
Muji Planner ClickTheCity
Photo: Muji/Facebook

For the minimalist, Muji's planner is a must-have. This simple journal is complete with a monthly and weekly spread, as well as gridded pages, perfect for those who have a habit of jotting their notes and thoughts. 

These planners are now available in stores, so make sure to get them as soon as you can because they sell out quickly! 

Where to buy: All Muji stores

Filed!'s 2020 Planner Collection

Photo: Filed!/Facebook

Filed!'s Doodle Planners (P595) are making a comeback this year, and they made sure that it's coming back bigger than ever! From its cover to its inner spreads, this planner lets you color and design it however you want. Its weekly pages also come with no solid borders so you get to write and doodle on it freely. These planners also come with a protective case to make sure it doesn't get too dirty throughout the year. 

This year's Scribble Planner (P695) takes its user back to its roots reintroduces the joys of writing. This planner has monthly spreads, as well as day-to-day pages where you can be creative. Self-care activities are also spread throughout the journal to assure you that you're doing well in your progress to being a better you! 

Where to buy: Online; Local Bookstores

C&S Designs' Designs Your Life Planners

Photo: C&S Designs/Facebook

C&S Designs introduces 3 planners for the coming year. Their signature Design Your Planner (P695) is back and is perfect for anyone whose goal for 2020 is to stay inspired and creative. The planner works as a diary and a scrapbook as well and is something you can take with you on your adventures. 

For something that has a simpler design, there's the Back to Basics Planner (P685), which has features like sleep and expense trackers, checklists. Its minimalist aesthetic lets you define your priorities and manage your goals and tasks in an organized manner.

The Limitless Planner (P685), on the other hand, is for those who want to work on their planners whenever and however they want. Aside from the spreads that let users keep track of their needs and goals, the planner also features undated weekly spreads, giving them control over how they want to use it. The Limitless planner comes in horizontal and vertical formats, depending on the user's preferences. 

Where to buy: Online; Local bookstores

Papemelroti's Planners

Photo: Papemelroti/Facebook

For a small planner you can bring with you wherever you go, you can never go wrong with Papemelroti's Pocket Planners, which has a monthly spread for you to keep track of important events and dates. 

However, if you're into planners that can also be your sketchbook and journals, you can check out their Journals, which are undated and has spaces where you can let your creative juices flow freely. 

Where to buy: Online; Papemelroti stores



Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's The Giving Planner

Photo: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

CBTL's The Giving Planner returns this year with four gorgeous colors: Navy Blue, Taupe, Green, and Pink. For its 2020 version, the planner does away with the weekly grids to give its users more space for writing and self-expression. It also includes stories of courage every month, complemented by local sceneries captured by a Filipino photographer. The planner is also refillable, perfect for those who need more pages for their thoughts

How to claim: Collect 12 stamps by purchasing 11 coffee-based or tea-based beverages and 1 holiday drink starting October 24, 2019 to claim your journal.

Starbucks' Planners and Travel Organizers

This year's planners come in two colors: Berry Pink and Frost Gray, both of which come in a hardbound leather casing with the brand's symbol. They also come with a matching zip case to keep them protected year-round. 

For those who want to DIY their planners though, you can go for their travel organizers, which has a leather casing, as well as blank, dotted, and gridded pages for all your notes and doodles. 

How to claim: Collect 18 stickers by buying beverages of any size from November 2 to January 7, 2020. 

Where To Next Planner 2020: Coming Home

Photo: Where To Next

Where To Next's 2020 planner (P730) is all about coming home, no matter what home means to them. This planner features the stories of 11 people and their own definition of home, as well as blank pages where you can write your own story. It's also undated, so people have the freedom to start on it whenever and however they want! 

For every purchase of the Where To Next planner, 5% of the profit will be going to the projects for the Aeta communities in Yangil and Botolan, Zambales. 

Where to buy: Official online shopNational Bookstore; Powerbooks; and Fully Booked stores nationwide. 


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