Order Face Masks Online in Metro Manila

10 Online Shops to Order Face Masks in Metro Manila

Here are 10 local shops to order your face masks online for delivery in Metro Manila.

Face masks are part of our everyday protective gear in this new normal. It is mandatory in Metro Manila to wear a face mask in public to counter the spread of COVID-19. In other words, you cannot leave home without wearing one! So we should start planning ahead by going online to order face masks and have fresh and clean ones in stock.

Wearing a face mask can help slow the spread of COVID-19
According to CDC, wearing reusable and washable face coverings (and wearing them properly) help slow the spread of the virus.

Many local shops and homegrown apparel brands have pivoted their business to address the needs of having a protective face cover. Because it’s now an essential need, brands have created their own face masks. They also allow you to enjoy color coordinating them with your outfits!

Apps and Online Stores for Food & Health Essentials During COVID-19
Metro Manila Supermarket and Grocery Store Hours During COVID-19

We’ve gathered in this list 10 local shops where you can order your face masks online for delivery in Metro Manila. And in turn, your orders support local businesses to keep them afloat during the pandemic.

1. Wanderskye

2. Face Mask MNL

3. Masabel Iloco

4. Zoo Label

5. Eika PH

6. Style Ana

7. Facemasks MNL

8. Sosse Swimwear

9. Wear Frida

10. Soleil Swimwear

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