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Megaworld Malls Reopen and Share Safety Protocols

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls takes extra measures for the safety of their mall-goers.

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls has taken extra measures to ensure the safety of mall-goers as it opens its malls and commercial centers in Metro Manila and the provinces.

Right from the entrance, physical distancing for at least 3 meters between individuals is already being observed. They’ve also put up foot baths and state-of-the-art disinfection chambers for shoppers.

Photo: Megaworld Lifestyle Malls

Areas of the malls, especially parts that are often touched by the guests, are frequently sanitized. The escalator handrails are also constantly disinfected with UV Care Escalator Handrail Sterilizers.

Aside from observing proper sanitation, the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls also deployed their so-called ‘Social Distancing Ambassadors.’ These ambassadors are tasked to make sure that mall-goers practice the required physical distancing.

Photo: Megaworld Lifestyle Malls

“These social distancing ambassadors, who are also part of our security force, act as disciplinarians inside the mall,” says Graham Coates, head of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.

“We thank all our mall visitors for their continued discipline and cooperation. So far, we have not encountered any problems with overcrowding as we have already anticipated and diligently prepared for this several days ago.” he adds.

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls has already reduced its malls’ carrying capacity. This is to achieve the required ‘one person in every two square meters’ density. Only half of each mall’s total floor area will also be opened during this time.

For more information, check out Megaworld Lifestyle Malls on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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