Filbar’s brings in sought-after, exclusive collectibles to Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2015

Filbar’s, the country's premier one-stop shop for all pop culture needs, is bringing a wide array of exclusive collectibles to Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2015.

Filbar’s, the country's premier one-stop shop for all pop culture needs, is bringing a wide array of exclusive collectibles to Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2015, matching the event’s stellar guest lineup that includes actors Jason Momoa, Paul Bettany, and Colton Haynes, on September 17-20 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.


The Hot Toys Booth, powered by Filbar’s or Booth K#19, will delight action figures hobbyists with four Hot Toys 2015 Toy Fair Exclusives—the Iron Man Mark XXIV Tank, Maria Hill, Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise Version), and Metal Gear’s Raiden (Inferno Armor Version). Special Edition Hot Toys based on Marvel and Star Wars properties are also available for preorder in limited quantities during the event.

Known for its realistic diecast figures, Hot Toys fittingly found its Philippine distributor, Filbar’s, in showcasing its detailed and high quality products. It previously partnered with Filbar’s for its “Avengers: Age of Ultron” exhibition last May.

Over at Booth K#22, Beast Kingdom’s Floating Iron Man Mark III and Star Wars Egg Attack Action Dark Vader, will be exclusively available for purchase. Other items not-to-be-missed are Filbar’s Science Bros Philippine Exclusive Funko Pops, Iron Man Unmasked and Glow in the Dark Hulk. 

Comics by guests David Yardin and David Mack are also available at Booth K#22. Manila-based comics artists Kim Jacinto (All-New, All-Different Marvel’s Angela: Queen of Hel), Heubert Khan Michael (Vampirella), Carlo Pagulayan (Convergence), and Jason Paz (Convergence) will also be signing books on the booth during the event.

Exclusive Filbar’s products available at Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2015 include:

Hot Toys

Iron Man Mark XXIV Tank

Iron Man Tank

Expand your House Party Protocol and add this Iron Man armor to your collection. This Heavy Combat Suit features metallic brown and gold-colored armor, Unibeam and thruster effects accessories, LED light-up functions, a dynamic figure stand, and Mark IX and Mark XXVII (Disco) mini collectible figures that are perfect for recreating the iconic Iron Man 3  poster where the House Party Protocol Suits are flying into action. Php14,000

Maria Hill

Maria HIll

A great addition to your Avengers: Age of Ultron collection, this movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill in the film featuring a newly developed head sculpt, finely tailored outfit, weapon and accessories. Php 10,500.

Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise Version)

Luke Skycrapper

Based on Luke Skywalker’s disguise in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope,  this features a newly painted head sculpt, finely tailored Stormtrooper armor, an interchangeable Stormtrooper helmet with mechanically detailed interior, weapons and accessories, and a figure stand. Php11,000

Metal Gear’s Raiden (Inferno Armor Version)

Metal Gears Raiden

From “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance,” this figure comes with a highly detailed head sculpt, specially applied metallic red and gold colored armor, meticulously constructed body, a high-frequency blade, a HF Murasama with sheath, an assault rifle, a newly designed visor with digital pattern, and figure stand. Php14,000

Beast Kingdom

Floating Iron Man Mark III 

Egg Floating Iron Man 3

Shellhead is a flashy, new updated color variant of Beast Kingdom's Floating Iron Man Mark III featuring red and chrome markings. The statue includes an arc reactor base, with Iron Man floating above it in a flying pose. Php 8,500

Star Wars Egg Attack Action Darth Vader

Egg Attack Darth Vader

This six-inch limited edition Beast Kingdom rendition of the iconic villain is constructed with compound materials and painted with expert techniques that perfectly capture the texture of Darth Vader's armor and clothing. It also features a light-up LED lightsaber and life-supporting device on the chest. Php 5,500


Science Bros 

Set of 2: Iron Man Unmasked and Glow-in-the-Dark Hulk

Glow In The Dark Hulk

If you love the friendship between Iron Man and the Hulk on screen then you should grab the Science Bros set. This includes two Filbar’s Philippine Exclusives Iron Man Unmasked and Glow in the Dark Hulk. Php 1,600

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