Check Out All the Items We’d Like To Buy From the HAIKYU!! X OXGN Collection!

Anime fans, rise: Streetwear brand OXGN is back with another anime collaboration, and this time,  styles are set, served, and spiked to perfection. 

The ball is finally in the fans’ homecourt with the arrival of the HAIKYU!! X OXGN Collection, bringing in their favorite characters and team colors to their personal styles and closets starting this October 15. 

The new official and licensed collection features OXGN’s streetwear rendition of the beloved volleyball-themed anime: Varsity silhouettes, casual jersey details, team logo-mania, character graphics, and color-coded team loyalty. 

Check out the HAIKYU!!-inspired styles below!


Leading the HAIKYU!! x OXGN collection is the Karasuno lineup – the high school volleyball club at the center of the series. OXGN is treating fans to a wide range of styles with even the littlest of details incorporated in the designs — the ICS logo, Karasuno school emblem, embroidered slogans, team uniforms, and a whole lot of athletes in their best (graphic tee) forms! 


The official Karasuno look was redesigned into on-point everyday-wear pieces to make fans feel like they’re part of the team: the Karasuno Jersey (P649), the team-inspired Track Jacket  (P1299), Track Shorts (P799), and Slim Tapered Track Pants (P999) all to match their athletic mood. OXGN also imagined clothes for staying stylish in the bleachers — the varsity look combined with team spirit is a key theme to its Karasuno designs. From dresses, character tees, and all sorts of accessories, fans are sure to find a piece to show support for Karasuno!

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The series’ crowd-favorite team is getting some love in the shade of red, with the Nekoma  Jersey (P649), sports card-inspired Pocket Tee featuring Kenma and Kuroo (P449), and the team slogan Nekoma Graphic Tee (P449) with character graphics of their best players. 

The Kozume Kenma Graphic Tee (P449) is designed to be as strategic as the Nekoma setter — it’s got minimal graphics on the front, the strong statement on the back, and the jersey deets and feels all over. 

Aoba Johsai

The team captain is the ace of these Aoba Josai designs! Matching their uniforms, the white and teal palette is now part of the OXGN dress code for your off-court ’fits. Also adding in an  Embroidered Curved Cap (P399) and Printed Strap Bum Bag (P499) into the Aoba Johsai mix,  fans can now score more in the styling category. 


OXGN didn’t forget about the legendary Kotaro Bokuto of the Fukurodani team. He stars in a  Graphic Tee (P449), and is ready to be paired up with go-to athleisure bottoms to ace the streetwear look. Fans can also show their full support to the Fukurodani Gakuen when they sport its very own Graphic Tee (P449), too!

Customize Your HAIKYU!! Look

A pre-order exclusive, fans can have HAIKYU!! jerseys made exactly like the ones they have on the show! Each one can be customized with their favorite player’s number and designed to make fans feel like the main character in this latest collab collection. 

Each custom and official HAIKYU!! jersey is only P649 and will only be available for pre-order exclusively on from Oct. 15 to 31 only.  

The HAIKYU!! x OXGN collection is now available on, Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, and in  OXGN stores nationwide.  

Check out the rest of OXGN’s anime collaborations Hunter x Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and  Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on 

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