raven paraluman

Decoding The Lyrics: raven on paraluman and s.u.k.i.

In this episode, raven shares how he got discovered by music legend Rico Blanco on Twitter!

From upcoming concerts to highly anticipated album and single releases, to timeless music favorites and updates on both local and international musical talents, we bring you closer to your favorite bands and artists by getting up close and personal with the talents themselves.

In this episode, we are joined by 21-year-old singer/songwriter raven who is signed with Sony Music Philippines all because of a tweet exchange with music legend Rico Blanco. He shares how it is working with him, his songwriting process which is pretty impressive by the way, and talks about his two songs ‘paraluman’ and ‘s.u.k.i.’.

Watch the full interview below:

City Sessions: Sony Music Philippines’ raven performs “paraluman” and “s.u.k.i.”

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