Spotify To Hold Online Conference on Audio Streaming Trends

Spotify is inviting brands and marketers to their Audio Amplified conference, where the untapped opportunities found in digital audio will be discussed and unique insights about the changing behaviour of Millennials and Gen Zs will be revealed.

To be held tomorrow, 29 July 2020, the online conference explores what the growing audio streaming trend means for marketers and how the platform can help enable them to be a part of their consumers’ culture. 

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This comes as access to rich data from the platform is now able to empower brands to effectively connect with a highly engaged audience in a timely and contextually relevant setting.

The event will kick off with welcome remarks and insights on audio trends in the region, by Sea Yen Ong, Regional Head of Ad Sales at Spotify, followed by Jan-Paul Jeffrey, Spotify’s Head of Marketing in SEA, as he shares fresh behavioural insights and attitudes of Gen Zs and Millennials in the region.

Attendees will learn about the future of audio in Asia and how brand storytelling through digital audio can help resonate and connect with consumers in a very personal and intimate way.

What brands and marketers will take away from the Audio Amplified online conference:

  • Understanding key trends and behavioural shifts that will help shape the new normal in Asia
  • Why audio will lead the most impactful marketing strategies for business
  • How Spotify’s streaming intelligence provides truly powerful opportunities to connect with audiences

Other highlights of the upcoming event include a Panel Session on digital marketing trends shaping the next normal of business in Asia, and Breakout Track sessions that explore deeper into the regional best practices and details of Spotify’s advertising services and features.

“Spotify is a platform which mirrors consumer behaviour. Consumers are using us to soundtrack everything they do in their lives,” said Sea Yen Ong, Head of Ad Sales, SEA at Spotify. “With brands in Asia investing more in digital audio and sonic branding, and consumers listening to more audio content than ever before, we’re truly in the Golden Age of Audio and Culture.”To register your interest for the event, visit

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