Taylor Swift Cornelia Street Music Video

WATCH: Taylor Swift Releases New Version of ‘Cornelia Street’

Disney+ and Hulu subscribers are lucky to have seen Taylor Swift’s City of Lover concert which was filmed in Paris, September of last year. But if you’re like us who don’t have access to any of those streaming services, you can finally watch on performance on YouTube.

The American singer-songwriter has released all her ‘Live From Paris’ songs on YouTube, but on Monday, she has finally shared her video performance of the acoustic version of ‘Cornelia Street.’

Watch the full performance below:

Fans have speculated that Swift is talking about a street in New York City’s West Village, where she rented an apartment while her Tribeca residence was being renovated. It is also assumed it’s the same summer that Swift met her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Which performance are you most looking forward to watch? Let us know in the comments!

Homestream image from Taylor Swift Instagram

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