All You Need to Know About BTS’ 2-Day Concert Stream Event, Bang Bang Con

Here's how you can attend 8 BTS concerts in 2-days!

ARMY, the upcoming weekend is the perfect time to whip out your Army Bombs again! 

BTS has announced over the weekend that they will be doing a 2-day online concert event for ARMY, where they will be streaming their concerts and musters on YouTube and on WeVerse for free! The event, entitled Bang Bang Con, will be happening on April 18-19, 12NN KST (11AM PST).

This is the perfect solution to those who've been going through some serious separation anxiety from the boys after the cancellation of their Map of the Soul shows in Seoul which was supposed to kick off last weekend. 


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Here's what we know so far about the upcoming live stream event: 

1. The event will be streaming 4 concerts per day for 2 days! 

According to the schedule released by Big Hit Entertainment, the stream will be kicking of with the 2015 Concert, HYYH On Stagefollowed by HYYH On Stage: Epilogue, and the 2014 show BTS 2014 Live Trilogy: The Red Bullet II. The 2016 Muster ARMY.ZIP will also be streamed for Day 1. 

Meanwhile, the second-day lineup will be including The Wings Tour shows, the 2017 Muster Happy Ever After, and the Love Yourself Tour in Seoul.  Each concert runs for approximately 3.5 hours so if you're not planning to watch all the shows, you can just take note of the running time for every show and go back once it's starting! 

The event is expected to run for 12 hours per day, with intermissions in between. 

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2. The event will be streamed on BangtanTV YouTube and on WeVerse 

3. Fans can sync their Army Bombs so they can have the full concert experience

Big Hit announced today that those who have the Army Bomb Ver. 3 and the Map of the Soul Special Edition Army Bomb can have the full BTS concert experience as they can be synced to the stream. All they need to do is to connect their lightsticks via Bluetooth and stream the concert via WeVerse. Full mechanics on how to connect the Army Bomb can be found here

For more information, you can check out BTS' official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. 

*Homestream image taken from BTS' official Facebook page

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