Jeremy Zucker

WATCH: Jeremy Zucker on Staying Connected and Creating New Music in a Pandemic

Jeremy Zucker talks about his upcoming sophomore album 'Crusher', available on October 1!

Just a year since the release of love is not dying, Jeremy Zucker is releasing his sophomore album CRUSHER on October 1. Over the past year, the 25-year-old singer/songwriter has worked with Chelsea Cutler for the brent ii EP and has released a few singles leading up to the album release. “‘CRUSHER’ is as much a departure as it is an arrival. ‘love is not dying’, thematically, was a doomed love letter. A desperate plea for compassion and understanding in the face of destruction, says Zucker.

In a virtual press conference with select media from South East Asia, Jeremy Zucker talks about his upcoming album ‘Crusher’. He shares how he managed to create new music during a pandemic, staying connected with friends, and more.

Watch Jeremy Zucker talk about Crusher:

CRUSHER will be available on all streaming platforms starting October 1. Here’s the complete tracklist:

  • I-70
  • Deep end
  • Cry with you
  • I can’t look at you
  • When i’m around
  • Therapist
  • Sex & cigarettes
  • 18
  • Sociopath (feat. Keshi)
  • Don’t come over, i’m an asshole
  • No one hates you (like I do)

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