6 similarities between John Wick and Hotel Artemis

Did you catch yourself on the edge of your seat while watching the action-thriller John Wick? You'll definitely do the same in Hotel Artemis.

Did you catch yourself on the edge of your seat while watching the action-thriller John Wick? You'll definitely do the same in Hotel Artemis.

Sure, Keanu Reeves' John Wick portrayal is far from Jodie Foster's "The Nurse" character in Hotel Artemis. But some things are very "John Wick-y" about the upcoming dystopian-future action movie.

Want examples? Here are the things we've seen so far.

  1. Both are produced by the same company, Lionsgate.
    Well, this fact does not say a lot actually. But admit it or not, prior to seeing a movie on the big screen we judge it first by the reputation of the directors, the casts, and sometimes the production company.
  2. Both feature a secret world of criminals with hotels as the main setting.
    There's an oddly satisfying pleasure in learning how things work in a world of criminals. And in both John Wick and Hotel Artemis, these secret worlds are set in hotels.

    In John Wick, a network of hotels knows as The Continental provided cover for the assassins.

    For Hotel Artemis, well, where do you think the title came from? But more than being a fancy, titular building, Hotel Artemis is also a hide-out and a hospital-for-baddies run by Jodie Foster on her great comeback in the movie industry as "The Nurse."

  3. Those bad-ass characters
    Love watching great actors turning into bad-ass people? Both John Wick and Hotel Artemis give us that pleasure.

    Aside from Jodie Foster's intriguing character, we will also see Sterling K. Brown (This is Us), Sofia Boutella (The Mummy), Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), Charlie Day (Pacific Rim: Uprising), Jenny Slate (Obvious Child), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek), and Jeff Goldblum as someone called "The Wolf King" engaged in stylized fight sequences.

  4. Tired of guns and knives as weapons? Both films feature conventional things as unconventional weapons.

    Remember John Wick: Chapter 2's (2017) breath-taking scene where Keanu Reeves defeats trained killers with nothing but a pencil?

    Looks like we will see more of those supposedly not harmful things turned into deadly weapons as Hotel Artemis number one rule is no-weapons allowed. But they were attacked one unfortunate night, so what else they could do? Grab a cup, maybe?

  5. Both hint for a wider, more gruesome world outside
    Hints of a wider world outside the premises of the hotels are present in both movies. But like John Wick, Hotel Artemis only gives a sneak peek of the "outside world," in this case 2028 Los Angeles.
    First-time director Drew Pearce opted to focus on the story unfolding inside the hotel.
  6. Both have intense and hardcore actions sequences
    Enjoyed the stylized fight scenes in John Wick? Hotel Artemis also will have a lot that. Well, we don't expect an all-criminal character to just lounge and chill, right?

We may or may not exhaust the list of similarities but one thing is for sure, it looks like the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 3 may have a serious competition as Hotel Artemis makes its way on the big screen on June 20.

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