Irene and Shin Seung Ho in 'Double Patty'

WATCH: Red Velvet’s Irene and Shin Seung Ho in the Newest Trailer for ‘Double Patty’

The film premieres in South Korea this February.

If you’re been like us who’s been keeping an eye out for updates on Red Velvet’s Irene’s upcoming film, here’s something you’d be excited about! The trailer to Double Patty, which will be premiering in South Korea this February, is finally here!

Check it out below:

The 1-minute trailer introduces us to Irene’s Lee Hyun Ji, as she juggles between studying and working part-time jobs. We also meet Shin Seung Ho’s Kang Woo Ram, a former athlete who’s been working at a restaurant and a club

The two then cross paths at the burger shop where Irene works, with Woo Ram asking her about the ongoing promo for Double Patty burgers. In the following clips, we see their relationship grow, with them drinking together, walking along the beach, and waiting for each other’s workday to end.

Photo screenshot from the trailer

According to Soompi, Double Patty is a coming-of-age film about young people who chase their dreams and go on a journey of growth. It centers on Lee Hyun Ji, an aspiring anchorwoman, and Kang Woo Ram, a former ssireum or Korean wrestling athlete.


The film comes from director Baek Seung Hwan and stars Red Velvet’s Irene and Shin Seung Ho (Moment at Eighteen, A-Teen).

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Double Patty premieres in Korean cinemas this February.

Homestream image is screenshot from the official trailer.

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Double Patty
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