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Meet Your New ‘Robin Hood’ and Merry Men in this Upcoming Adaptation Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio

This year, we are going to have a Robin Hood unlike any other in the big screen, so it's time for us to meet the new prince of thieves, his merry men and other iconic characters and the actors bringing them to life.

Coming to the big screen is 'Robin Hood,' the newest film adaptation directed by Otto Bathurst (Peaky BlindersBlack Mirror) of the legendary outlaw. Our vigilante with a penchant for the bow and arrow has seen many adaptations, but this upcoming action-adventure movie will be remarkably different, making it a must-watch.

This year, we are going to have a Robin Hood unlike any other in the big screen, so it's time for us to meet the new prince of thieves, his merry men and other iconic characters and the actors bringing each one to life:

1. Robin Hood (played by Taron Egerton)

Taron Egerton as Robin Hood

Taron Egerton stars as Robin of Loxley, a legendary arrow-slinging vigilante know to steal from the rich to give to the poor. Best known for his role in the Kingsman film franchise, the Welsh actor is also as well dressed as his character Eggsy in the films, and was listed as GQ's best dressed British men for two years in a row. Egerton had undegone intensive archery training to prepare him for the titular character in Robin Hood — expect the unexpected for his role as his origin story is grittier than previous adaptations.

2. Little John (played by Jamie Foxx)

Jamie Foxx as Little John

Little John in this adaptation is not just a minor sidekick — played by Jamie Foxx, the character is a mentor to Robin Hood, training him to become a thief. This Moorish commander and Robin mount a revolution against the corrupt English crown. Oscar award winner actor Foxx admits that doing this reboot of the classic English folktale was daunting but he was up to the challenge to take the story into a darker, grittier route.

3. Sheriff of Nottingham (played by Ben Mendelsohn)

Ben Mendelsohn as Sheriff of Nottingham

Every outlaw has a foe, and Robin Hood's nemesis is the villanous Sheriff of Nottingham, a tyrant who unjustly taxes the people of Nottinghamshire and is also known to pursue Robin Hood's love interest, Maid Marian. This year's adaptation of Robin Hood taps on Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) to portray the sheriff — it seems the Australian actor was born to play vicious characters in the big screen.

4. Marian (played by Ewe Hewson)

Eve Hewson as Marian, with Robin Hood

Eve Hewson (Bridge of Spies) plays Marian, the beautiful woman who falls in love with Robin Hood, and one of the earliest strong fictional female characters in literature. The Irish actress may be U2 frontman Bono's daughter, but Hewson blazes her own trail with her career in acting, her first film released in 2005.

5. Friar Tuck (played by Tim Michin)

Tim Michin as Friar Tuck, with Robin Hood

Friar Tuck is one of Robin's Merry Men, known in the classic folktale for his merry personality and his love for food and drink. In 2018's Robin Hood, the character is brought to life by Tim Michin (Californication), an Australian actor and comedian known for his musicality and musical comedy. He is also a known composer and lyricist, and in 2013 was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree for his contribution to the arts (followed by a second honorary Doctor of Letters degree in 2015).

6. Will Scarlet (played by Jamie Dornan)

Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlet

Another member of Robin's Merry Men, Will Scarlet is the a expert swordsman and in the ballads he is known to have a penchant for fine clothing and youthful looks. Bringing life to Scarlet in the film is the handsome Irish actor Jamie Dornan, star of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

Catch the thrilling action-adventure in the big screen! Directed by Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders, Black Mirror) and co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way Productions, 'Robin Hood' is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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