John Lloyd Cruz Movie Starter Pack

John Lloyd Cruz Starter Pack: 8 Essential Movies to Watch

Need a little JLC marathon? Here's a John Lloyd Cruz movie starter pack to keep you going.

It’s no secret that John Lloyd Cruz has captured our hearts through teleseryes and blockbuster films. JLC has been in the industry since he was just fourteen years old, and has had a number of successful tv shows, movies, and endorsements throughout his career. He may be out of the limelight for a while now but that doesn’t mean our love for him hasn’t grown stronger.

Need a little JLC marathon? From movies that made you bawl your eyes out to movies that made you want to fall in love, here are 8 essential films you should be watching if you want to see more of one of the most acclaimed actors in the Philippines.

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Movie Info

One More Chance
Drama | Romance
A Very Special Love
Comedy | Romance
My Amnesia Girl
Comedy | Romance
The Mistress
Drama | Romance
Honor Thy Father
Action | Crime | Drama | Suspense | Thriller
Just The 3 Of Us
Comedy | Romance
Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis
Drama | History
Finally Found Someone
Comedy | Romance

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