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Linda Cardellini Brings the Mexican Folklore to Life in ‘The Curse of La Llorona’

From being Hawkeye's wife in 'Avengers: Endgame', Linda Cardellini takes on the role of Anna Garcia in the James Wan-produced horror film "The Curse of Llorona'.

Most recently seen in “Avengers: Endgame” as the wife of Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Linda Cardellini now stars in New Line Cinema’s “The Curse of La Llorona.” Produced by James Wan, the film brings the iconic Latin American legend to terrifying life in an original horror film. 

Cardellini plays Anna Tate Garcia, a social worker and widowed single mom, who has never been exposed to the legend of La Llorona that’s about to descend on her family.

When she was approached for the role, Linda Cardellini says she couldn’t resist the complex hero at the heart of the film.  “When I read the script, I loved that it was not about being someone’s wife or being someone’s sister.  It’s really about this woman who is fighting the odds to keep her family together, and the lengths she’s willing to go to protect her children.  I loved that we experience this story through her eyes.  And, to be honest, the idea of being in a full-on horror movie was also kind of exciting,” she adds with a laugh.

A longtime fan of her work, James Wan was thrilled when Cardellini took the leap.  “Linda is so talented and such a presence onscreen and yet when I see her movies, I always forget that I’m watching Linda because she just disappears into her characters.  So we’re really fortunate to have her come and play with us in this movie.”

“Whether or not you believe, there’s something about this story that gets under your skin,” says Cardellini, “No matter who you are or what stage of life you’re in when it finds you, because everyone has a mother, everyone has been a child and people have kids of their own.”


“Linda is an awesome performer, and so natural with our kid actors, but when those kids are threatened, and you see her maternal instincts kick in from this raw, real, powerful place…man, that was impressive,” director Michael Chaves says.  

But she won’t get them without a fight.  “As hard as it is to accept,” says Cardellini, “and as terrifying as it is for her to face, Anna can no longer deny that a dark presence is stalking her children, and she’s going to have to stand alone against it to keep them safe.  The Church can’t help her; she knows the police won’t believe her.  In the face of this great danger, she has to reach in and be stronger than she ever imagined herself to be – or lose her kids forever.”

Cardellini adds, “There are some moments in the film that for me, as a parent, are hard to watch.”  But the adrenaline rush alone is worth the risk.  “If you like to be scared, I think this movie is going to be crazy fun, because once it starts scaring you, it doesn’t let up – all the way to the end,” she concludes.

In Philippine cinemas May 1st, “The Curse of La Llorona” is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a WarnerMedia Company.  Use the hashtag #LaLlorona

About “The Curse of La Llorona”

From New Line Cinema and producer James Wan, “The Curse of La Llorona” brings the iconic Latin American legend to terrifying life in an original horror film, marking the feature directorial debut of Michael Chaves, the innovative filmmaker behind the award-winning short “The Maiden.”   

In 1970s Los Angeles, La Llorona is stalking the night—and the children.  Ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother suspected of child endangerment, a social worker and her own small kids are soon drawn into a frightening supernatural realm.  Their only hope to survive La Llorona’s deadly wrath may be a disillusioned priest and the mysticism he practices to keep evil at bay, on the fringes where fear and faith collide.  

Produced by James Wan (“Aquaman”), Gary Dauberman (screenwriter “IT” and “Annabelle” franchises) and Emile Gladstone (“Army of One”), “The Curse of La Llorona” stars Linda Cardellini (the Oscar-winning “Green Book,” Netflix’s “Bloodline”), Raymond Cruz (TV’s “Breaking Bad,” “Training Day”) and Patricia Velasquez (TV’s “Arrested Development,” “The Mummy” films), along with Marisol Ramirez (TV’s “NCIS: Los Angeles”), Sean Patrick Thomas (the “Barbershop” films, “Halloween: Resurrection”), Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen (“Selfless”) and newcomer Roman Christou.

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