WATCH: ‘On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets’ Full Trailer Released

The pain kicks in! Here's the full trailer for JC Santos and Bela Padilla's new romantic film!

The full trailer for JC Santos and Bela Padilla's new film, On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets has just been released… and it now teases the painful scenes from the movie. Check it out below:

You are probably familiar with the JC-Bela onscreen tandem, and that whenever we see them on the same movie, it would probably break our hearts in some way. Besides the films 100 Tula Para Kay Stella and The Day After Valentine's, the two also starred in the recently released Filipino remake of Miracle in Cell No.7.

Now they're back as lead stars of a romantic hugot film, helmed by the writer-director of Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story, Camp Sawi, and Meet Me in St. Gallen, Irene Villamor. In this film, the hopeless meets the romantic in an encounter at the bar where Bela's character, Jane Pineda, caught the attention of JC's character, who appears to be a rising musician. The first part of the trailer may have teased a developing relationship between the two, but it then leads to a painful confrontation with Raphiel Shannon's rendition of Mundo on its background.

Also starring in the film is Matteo Guidicelli. On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets opens in theaters this Valentine's season, February 5, 2020. For more information, check out the VIVA Films' social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Homestream image screengrabbed from the official trailer.

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On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets
Comedy | Romance


Drunk on Love: A Review of ‘On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets’
This is a story about battling alcoholism, but it’s also a love story of another kind and the film takes that form and builds on it.

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