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Unveiling the Depths of Creativity: “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom” Sets New Visual Benchmarks

Director James Wan takes us beyond Atlantis in "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom." Discover new worlds, mythical quests, and the challenges of Arthur and Orm. Immerse yourself in a world of color, fantasy, and epic storytelling.

James Wan, the acclaimed director of “Aquaman,” is back with a vibrant sequel, “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom.” This time, the underwater world of Atlantis is not just revisited but expanded, revealing new, unseen realms that promise to captivate audiences.

Rediscovering Atlantis and Beyond

Atlantis, in the sequel, is portrayed as more vivid and lively than ever. But the true allure lies in the exploration of entirely new territories, including the enigmatic Lost Kingdom, Necrus. In the first film, we glimpsed the richness of the seven Kingdoms of Atlantis, with Necrus being the unexplored frontier, now ready to be unveiled.

The Creation of Necrus: Inspired by Antarctica

James Wan’s creative vision transports viewers to Necrus, drawing inspiration from the remote and icy landscapes of Antarctica. This novel setting in the Aquaman universe introduces an array of unique visual elements and dark, mysterious creatures, a hallmark of Wan’s directorial style.

Crafting a Frozen World

Creating Necrus became a cinematic endeavor in itself. Despite the English summer setting at Leavesden Studios, Wan’s team recreated Antarctica’s frozen tundra. Giant fans simulated snowstorms, while the cast, adorned in high-tech cold weather costumes, navigated an icy world. The crew, in shorts, battled the glare of the white set. The result is a breathtaking frozen kingdom brought to life with real-world location plates and aerial footage from Antarctica, Greenland, and Iceland.

Peter Safran on the Visual Feast

Producer Peter Safran highlights the film’s visual splendor, emphasizing James Wan’s talent in bringing fantastical colors and environments to the screen, “James Wan has an incredible ability to capture the colors and the fantasy that exist in these never-before-seen worlds,” says Safran. “We wanted to take the audience on a travelogue of these astounding new environments above and below the surface… By embracing the mythic nature of Aquaman’s quest and combining it with these stunning visuals, James gives us something uniquely compelling—it is worldbuilding and visual storytelling at its zenith.”


The Human Element: A Tale of Brothers and Heroes

Despite the out-of-this-world settings, “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom” stays grounded in its characters’ human aspects. The sequel delves into the relationship between Arthur (Jason Momoa) and Orm (Patrick Wilson), portraying them as brothers overcoming differences for a greater cause. The formidable Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) adds a darker layer to the narrative, driven by love and vengeance. This action-packed adventure delves deeper into character development and promises an engaging, immersive experience.

Aquaman: A Hero’s Journey Continues

At the core of this story is Arthur/Aquaman, portrayed with the signature charm and humor by Jason Momoa. The sequel explores his dual role as both a father and a king, navigating the challenges and responsibilities that come with his position in Atlantis.

The Star-Studded Cast

Joining the adventure are familiar faces like Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Dolph Lundgren, and Randall Park, reprising their roles and adding depth to this rich cinematic universe.

Join the Adventure

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom” is set to premiere exclusively in cinemas on December 20. This film is not just a sequel but a leap into uncharted cinematic waters, offering an experience that combines visual wonder with heartfelt storytelling.

Join the conversation online using the hashtag #Aquaman and prepare to be swept away by this visual and narrative spectacle.

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