The International Silent Film Festival 2021 to Feature 6 Classic Silent Films & 9 Filipino Short Films

The silent films will also be presented with musical scores from local musicians such as Munimuni!

The International Silent Film Festival (ISFF) is back for its 15 edition, which will run from November 24 to December 3 as a hybrid event.

The festival will feature six classic silent films from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, and the United Kingdom, alongside nine Filipino short films produced by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), curated through their Mit Out Sound Silent Film Competition, and scored with music from local bands and musicians. The films will be available on the FDCP channel.

The invite-only opening ceremonies on November 24 will be aptly held at the newly-renovated Metropolitan Theater of Manila, which was built during the Philippines’ “Silent era”. Hosted by the Japan Foundation, the event will be followed by the screening of the Japanese silent action movie Orochi (Serpent) to be live-scored by the Munimuni band.

Aside from the screenings, a series of webinars will also be held throughout the festival. Here are the schedules for the screenings, discussions, and webinars of the ISFF 2021:

November 25

  • The Instituto Cervantes to screen Carceleras (José Buchs, 1922) – 3PM
  • Panel discussion with the theme “How To Watch A Silent Movie” – 5PM
  • The Philippine-Italian Association will screen Pinocchio (Giulio Antamoro, 1911) – 7PM
Photo: International Film Festival Manila on Facebook

November 26

  • The British Council in the Philippines will screen Dr. Wise on Influenza (1919) – 3PM
  • Panel discussion about the Restoration and Reinventions in Film Archives – 5PM
  • Goethe-Institut Philippinen screens The Waxworks (Paul Leni and Leo Birinski, 1924) – 7PM

November 27

  • The Embassy of France will screen The Foreman – 3PM
  • Discussion on the History of Silent Films in the Philippines – 5PM
  • The Japan Foundation screens Orochi (Futagawa Buntarō, 1925) – 7PM
Photo: International Film Festival Manila on Facebook

November 28 to 30

All films will be available on-demand at the FDCP Channel.


December 1 to 2

These two days of the festival will be dedicated to the first edition of the FDCP’s Mit Out Sound Silent Film Competition. Here are the short films that made it to the lineup, with each film to be scored by local music artists:

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  • “Ang Tatlong Hambog” by Sari Katharyn; scored by Glenn Barit
  • “Ing Tianak” by EJ Gagui and Marienel Calma; scored by Pau Protacio
  • “Alingasngas Ng Mga Kuliglig” by Vahn Leinard C. Pascual; scored by Karl Arthur Javier and Nik Rosacay
  • “Ang Pagsuyo sa Paru-Paro ng Gabi” by Racquel De Guzman Morilla; scored by Dominic Laxamana 
  • “Dikit” by Gabriela Serrano; scored by Paulo Almaden 
  • “Ha-Ha-Hambog” by Kate Torralba and Jopie Sanchez; scored by Odoni Pestelos 
  • “I Need More Than Tofu and Other Vegetables” by Hector Barretto Calma; scored by Jude Edgard Balsamo 
  • “Putol” (The Cut) by Nikolas Red; scored by Jem Talaroc 
  • “Ang Pagdadalaga Ng Dalagang Bukid” by Jose Carlos Soliongco; scored by CK Sabillo 

December 3

On the festival’s final day, 6PM, the closing ceremonies will be held alongside the awarding ceremony for the winners of the FDCP’s Mit Out Sound Silent Film Competition, to stream via the FDCP Channel as well.

The ISFF 2021 is presented by the FDCP with the Japan Foundation Manila, the Embassy of Italy with the Philippine Italian Association, Instituto Cervantes, the British Council in the Philippines, the Goethe-Institut, and the Embassy of France. 

For the latest updates and to register for the festival’s webinars, visit the International Film Festival Manila Facebook page.

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