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10 Things We Miss About Going to Cinemas

We've listed down some of the things we really missed about going to the movies!

Ahh, the cinemas. It’s been over a year since we metro folks last saw a movie in a theater. Surely, we’ve missed a lot of things about going to cinemas to watch our much-anticipated films. And with the news that we’ll finally be seeing films on the big screen once again this November, we can’t help but feel so excited!

To reminisce our days as moviegoers pre-pandemic, and as anticipation for the post-pandemic cinema experience waiting next month, we’ve listed down some of the things we really missed about going to the movies!

1. Seeing the film first

When there’s a film that we’ve been excited to see for so long, it’s almost imperative that we see the movie the moment it is released in theaters. Not only will this make us immune to spoilers, we also get to join a crowd of people who are as excited as we are in seeing that film!

2. That big screen and surround sound

We can now watch movies on our phones, tablets, and even TVs, but nothing beats seeing a film on a big screen with sounds that envelop the whole theater. Nothing else can really make a movie as immersive, especially when you’re watching it on Dolby Digital, IMAX or in 3D!

3. Picking the best seat

One of the reasons why we try to be as early in the theater as possible is so we could get the best seats in the house. Many would probably agree that the center offers the best seats, since you’re not too close to the screen and has to lean back as much as possible; and you’re not too far that there are many heads blocking your view.


4. No distractions

When you watch a film in theaters, you really watch it. No distractions. You can’t fiddle with your phone, converse with your companion (at least not too loudly), and sometimes, you even have to delay that trip to the bathroom just because the film is getting even more interesting!

5. Trailers!

Now we’re comfy on our seats. The lights have dimmed and the theater has gone silent except for a few whispers and distant crunches of popcorn. Before the film, we are treated with some movie trailers, that will get us excited for the next movie night! We have to admit, we even miss seeing those tomatoes being squished in that anti-piracy ad.

6. Snacking on popcorn

Popcorn will always be the staple snack for many moviegoers. Even if you’re not planning to buy one, smelling that whiff of freshly cooked popcorn when you enter the mall’s theater area is such a temptation that you’d want to snack on a container or two once you’re seated comfortably inside the theater.

7. Perfect for date night

Watching a movie is also a no-fail activity for date night especially when it’s your first. You can both just relax and be entertained together and after the film, you can pick each other’s brains on what you think about the film. At some level, these conversations can also help you get to know your date better.

8. Sharing the reactions of the crowd

Another fun experience for us moviegoers is just being part of the crowd when watching a film. Laughing at the movie’s humor together, those occasional screams during jumpscares, and those gasps of awe during the most inspiring moments of the film (Captain America wielding Mjolnir!) can really make the movie experience far more ecstatic!

9. Staring at the credits, waiting for bonus scenes

Speaking of Captain America, the Marvel Cinematic Universe really changed up the moviegoers’ routine by adding interesting post-credit scenes in their films. Even if it’s not an MCU movie, we just stare at the rolling credits waiting for some bonus footage or the sequel teaser, even though the lights are all up and the staff have started cleaning up for the next show.

10. Our post-film commentaries

After we’ve seen a film, of course we’ll talk about it. If we enjoyed the whole film, we just talk about our favorite scenes; if there are parts we didn’t like that much, we speak about it like movie critics; and if it’s a movie from the likes of Christopher Nolan, maybe we’ll try to explain our own interpretations of the ending… or maybe the whole movie. The post-film commentaries will always have to be a part of our moviegoing rituals.

What do you miss the most when it comes to watching movies at the cinemas?

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