All The Feels: Here are 7 Reasons to Watch ‘Every Day,’ Whatever Your Relationship Status

Whether you're nursing a heartbreak or blooming with romance this Valentine's month, the much anticipated film adaptation of David Levithan's 'Every Day' has at least 7 hugot-filled reasons that make it a must-watch film.

A film adaptation of David Levithan's bestselling young adult novel, 'Every Day' is a tale of teenage romance that is put to the test, as 16-year-old Rhiannon starts to fall in love with A, a person whose body keeps changing every day. Can you have a relationship with a soul who wakes up every morning in a different body – never the same person twice?

Fans of the novel were emotional after reading the book, and now are all the more anticipating how the movie will bring back all the feels once it opens in cinemas this week. If you haven't read the book, fret not, as this (spoiler-free!) list of hugot-filled reasons is more than enough to keep you excited to watch 'Every Day' on the big screen very soon!

1. Every Day is about that first time you feel a strong connection with someone — your very first love.


2. It's about that person who is used to being alone and sets out a life of never getting attached… and then meeting someone special to realize how some rules are just meant to be broken.


3. It shows how while we can be in a relationship, we can fall in love with the wrong person, and that someone out there truly cares for us.


4. It's about unconventional love–how two kindred spirits meet and fall in love in a magical premise that one of them transforms into another person every single day.


5. It's about having emotions and feelings for someone that go deep into your soul, while gender and appearance take a backseat. Love is love.


6. It's about the love worth fighting for, and finding the strength and courage to keep a connection with someone despite the many challenges the relationship brings.


7. In the end, it's about not just living every day — but to thrive every day — to hold on to the little moments you have with the one you love, to make the present always matter.

Get ready for all the feels when Every Day opens February 21 in cinemas nationwide from Pioneer Films.

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