A Summer to Remember with 1WINE

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NMARL Philippines proudly introduces 1Wine manufactured in France by Paul Sapin, the leading merchant of fine-quality wines since 1889. These small bottle wines are 187ml each and comes in a newly developed lightweight and recyclable multi-layer PET bottle that keeps wine fresh for 24 months. 1Wine is available in three (3) variants — 1Blancwhich is best paired with light foods such as salads, fish and seafood,1Rouge which you can pair with steak and meat, Lastly, 1Roséwhich you can enjoy with basically anything.

With the summer season coming close, living in urban areas brings too much of the heat that city folks always find themselves going to different beach destinations whether by car or plane. An on-the-go treat, 1Wine is the perfect handy drink to bring along for swimming, picnics or hiking during summer vacations. With its easy-to-carry packaging that comes with its own cup, sharing wines with the company of friends is simply relaxing from everyday stress.

Resealable and shatterproof, remaining wine is still fresh and can be enjoyed during “me time” in your room while having a room-serviced massage.

These lovely portable wines comes in alluring contemporary boxes perfect for gift-giving. The boxes are namely - 

a.) The Classic Duo, which contains Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot, that are perfect companions for any occasions like beach parties, picnics or just simply watching your favorite TV shows. 

b.) The Whimsical Duo, which contains Cinsault Rosé and Merlot, perfect for light outdoor lunch to a knockout dinner combo. 

Each box comes with a 1Wine Ice Bag that makes it an ideal tool to keep your favorite 1Wine variant cold and bring it to wherever you go this 2019!

Perhaps the best thing about 1Wine is it’s reasonably priced at P249 and P499 per Duo.

You can finally stock up on your favorite French Wines with a great value for money. So packing up the unique 1Wine variants – 1Rouge, 1Blanc and1Rosé for your next trip should be a no-brainer.

1Wine is now available at all Landers Superstore branches including Cebu. It is also now available in Raging Bull Burgers, Shangri-la at the Fort! 

It can be delivered to your doorstep by ordering through Lazada or by just simply messaging us on Facebook and Instagram @nmarl.ph. Enjoy this summer with 1WINE!

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