This Mouthwash with CPC Technology Can Help You Ward Off Sickness

The Closeup Active Defense Mouthwash is the brand's first oral care product with CPC Technology.

In the wake of COVID-19, people have developed a regimen of protection based on masks, handwashing, and social distancing. But while it has somehow worked for most people, a recent study by an independent US lab makes the case for a fourth layer of protection.

The focus is on CPC Technology, which is already widely used by the dental industry and is known for its disinfecting qualities. According to the study done by Microbac Laboratories, a 30-second rinse with mouthwash containing CPC Technology is effective in fighting germs and bacteria that cause sickness.

“COVID-19 spreads primarily through the transfer of droplets between the hands and the mouth. Therefore, proper oral care could help reduce transmission, especially now that COVID-19 is airborne,” saysMaluh Orezca, National President of Philippine Public Health Association. 

“Mouthwash is very necessary, especially now that oral hygiene is so important. Whenever we talk with people wearing face masks, we tend to overlook oral hygiene because we believe our mouths are covered.”

Following the study—which was built on existing research on dental technology—Unilever is now making a case for the role of oral hygiene as an additional preventive measure against sickness. In the Philippines, leading oral care brand Closeup has launched Closeup Active Defense Mouthwash, its first oral care product with CPC Technology.


Closeup Active Defense Mouthwash takes CPC Technology—previously available only at the dentist’s clinic—and makes it available for use at home. It’s the latest effort for public health by Unilever, which has shared their study to encourage others to build upon the research. Together let’s #CloseTheGap and consider adding CPC Technology in their defense routine.

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For more information on Closeup and other public health efforts from Unilever, visit Closeup Philippines and Unilever Research.

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