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Self-Care Online Finds - Shoppng Guide

Self-Care Online Finds: 8 Products That Care for Your Skin and Body at Home

If you haven’t created your own at-home skincare and body care rituals yet, here are 8 online finds to get you started on your well-deserved DIY pampering.

We’ve now adopted a lifestyle that revolves around staying safe at home. From home workouts to food delivery, work-from-home to online shopping for everything we need. So it makes perfect sense to adapt our self-care habits to our environment. Staying at home shouldn’t mean putting your hair, nail, skin, and other body treatments on hold. Now more than ever, at-home self-care rituals are important to make you feel and look good!

Self-Care Products Online Finds Shopping Guide

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If you haven’t created your own at-home skincare and body care rituals yet, here are 8 online finds to get you started on your well-deserved DIY pampering. Treat yourself from the comfort of your home with these health and beauty products we found online! 

1. Gua Sha Tools

Usually made from jade or rose quartz, these beauty tools have been trendy online. However, this beauty technique has been around for many centuries. Gua sha is a Chinese technique of massaging the skin to promote flow and circulation. Others swear by its face-slimming, contouring effect when you regularly use it! Here’s a quick Gua Sha 101 for you to understand the basic principles behind the massage and its benefits:  

Get them here and here.


2. Teeth Whitening Kit 

Not only do we want to achieve glowing skin even if we’re cooped up at home, but we also want to match it with a glowing smile! Want to get rid of stubborn tooth discolorations that dull your smile? The Dr.Bright⁺ Teeth Whitening Kit is a painless daily teeth whitening ritual you can easily do at home. In as short as one week you’ll get to see the difference! 

Get it here.

3. Weighted Sleep Masks

Sleepcare is also synonymous with self-care — after all, being well-rested and relaxed is part of overall health! You’ve probably heard of weighted blankets that aid in better sleep, though they do come at a steep price. You may want to consider investing in a plush weighted eye mask instead, which not only does its job to block disturbing light, but also provides light pressure on your eye area said to ‘ground’ you, relax your forehead and eye muscles, and ease away anxiety.

Get them here and here.

4.  DIY Manicure Set

Skipped too many nail spa sessions throughout the year? Then bring the self-care nail spa experience to your home with a manicure kit complete with all the tools and instructions you need! Popular Nail Spa Posh Nails brings their expertise to your homes thanks to their products like Nail Wraps for your DIY nail art needs to their Nail The Day Kit, a manicure set that includes all nail care tools and essentials, even two bottles of Express Gel Polish.

Get it here.

‘Nail the Day’ with this DIY Pampering Kit by Posh Nails

5. Portable Massagers 

Photo: Lazada

If you’re used to pampering yourself with body massages pre-quarantine, invest in a good portable/mobile massager you can use at home to soothe your tired muscles. Massage chairs and foot massagers are quite pricey, so we’ve found great alternatives that can still give your aching muscles a good kneading. Benbo has electric massagers priced under P2,000 and customer favorites include their Shoulder and Neck Massager, along with the Back Massager. Just lean in, turn it on, and soothe away.

Get them here and here.

6. DIY Hair Color Kits

Coloring your own hair at home or touching up on your roots might be intimidating for first-timers. Luckily, there are beginner-friendly hair coloring kits you can order online! A handful of Asian beauty brands offer bubble or foam-type hair dyes, which are very easy to use if you’re a DIY hair coloring newbie. They’re relatively fuss-free and less of a mess compared to traditional hair dye kits. They’re similar to how you’d apply shampoo to your hair — simply lather and massage onto your hair and rinse. Bubble hair dyes also come in trendy shades, such as ash blonde and rose gold. Still not sure how easy the foam hair dyes are to use at home? Here’s a quick tutorial that shows you how to do it:

Get them online:
• Liese’s Creamy Bubble Hair Color (Cool Ash)
• Mise En Scene’s Hello Bubble Foam Colour Hair x Blackpink Dye Hair Coloring (16 Colors)

7.  Korean Beauty Masks (Sheet Masks)

There’s a Korean sheet mask for practically every skin type and concern, and we’re lucky that many of these Korean beauty products are easily available to order online! Store your packets of sheet masks in the refrigerator or pop them in the fridge an hour before applying it on your face so that it gives your skin a soothing, cooling sensation. Dim the lights, turn on soothing music, and enjoy a mini home spa experience!

Get them online:
• Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sleep Mask
• Papa Recipe’s Bombee Honey Mask

8. Hair Removal Kits

Summer season may be winding down, but hair over here and over there will continue to grow. If you’ve been skipping your waxing salon sessions to keep safe at home, there’s a self-care solution for you. Hair removing products are readily available online, such as Veet‘s painless hair removal creams. If you used to frequent Lay Bare waxing salons, there’s an at-home solution they’ve curated just for you: their very own Home Natural Wax Kit! Each kit comes with all the tools you need, from the natural sugar wax and reusable strips, spatula and tweezers, soothing cream, and booklet with instructions. It also comes with a free P100 Voucher!

Get them online:
• Veet’s Hair Removal Cream
• Lay Bare’s Bare at Home Natural Wax Kit

Our shopping guides and recommendations are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. We may earn a small commission from the product links if you decide to shop from them, at no cost to you. ClickTheCity does not accept money for editorial features.

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