Kojie.san Facial Cleansers

Achieve Pure Light skin with Kojie.san’s first-ever line of Facial Cleansers

Your choice of achieving bright Pure Light skin is possible with cleansing products that work.

Kojie.san takes the powerful benefits of kojic acid up another notch!

The beauty brand now has a complete range of face care products, letting you enjoy the same Kojie.san skin benefits that you love – but in formats that have been especially formulated for the face. 

Each product in this face care range of cleansers, toners, and creams is formulated with Zero Pigment Light and HydroMoist. These latest skin innovations zero-in on dark spots, scars, and hyperpigmentation. Additionally, it locks in moisture for a light skin that stays soft and supple for hours.

The brand’s first-ever line of facial cleansers comes in three different cleansing actions. The products are created to fit your unique needs and preferences, so how you achieve Pure Light skin is your choice. 

Command Beauty with Deeply Cleaned Skin That Glows

The Kojie.san Skin Lightening Facial Wash w/ HydroMoist is a soap-based facial wash that deeply cleanses the skin. It effectively removes sebum and other impurities from your skin, helping to combat oiliness and prevent acne break-outs, whiteheads, and blackheads.


The Kojie.san Skin Lightening Facial Cleansing Gel w/ HydroMoist is a gel-based facial wash. It gently cleanses skin to remove dirt and excess surface oil without stripping away the skin’s natural moisture. 

The Kojie.san Skin Lightening Foam Wash w/ HydroMoist is a skin-calming facial foam wash. Its light and airy texture effectively cleanses while soothing stressed and tired skin.

The beauty brand is also offering a limited edition Kojie.san Skin Lightening Beauty Wipes. The wipes cleanses skin by wiping away dirt, oil, and water-proof make-up without any sting on the eyes.

All products are paraben-free, and have been dermatologically-tested safe for sensitive skin  so you can use them with no worries. 

Kojie.san Facial Cleansers

This first line of facial cleansers lets you choose from an array of effective and carefully-formulated facial cleansing products. These products fit your skin’s unique needs, giving you more ways to achieve that smooth, supple, Pure Light skin.

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Get exciting updates and information at @KojiesanPH on Facebook and Instagram and www.kojiesan.com. Available at all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide, as well as Kojie.san’s official LazMall on Lazada and Beauty MNL.

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