Heal with Heat: French Far-Infrared Machine ‘Vital Dome’ Now in Centuria Medical Makati

It's like a quick trip to the sauna -- only with much more health and wellness benefits, thanks to its patented Far Infrared Technology.

There's a lot of truth when folks say that people are happier under the sun — because there's something good in the sunshine that boosts our body. Aside from giving us a healthy dose of Vitamin D, sunlight also emits energy in the form of infrared radiation, also known as Far Infrared Rays, a good kind of energy produced by the sun, radiating on your skin safely compared to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays which can cause damage (daily use of sunblock is a must to protect yourself). Harnessing the benefits of far infrared therapy is a French technology that is now available in the Philippines with Vital Dome.


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Now, the benefits of far infrared therapy is as easy and accessible as a short visit to Centuria Medical Makati, a short walk away from Century City Mall — and one session with Vital Dome is similar to a spa or sauna treatment (only loaded with even more benefits). Just lie down, relax, and let the patented machine work its magic, safely heating your body temperature to make you sweat. 

Vital Dome is now available in the country, at its first location in Centuria Medical Makati

Vital Dome's infratherapy boasts of numerous health and wellness benefits, which include relaxation, detoxification, anti-ageing and slimming, pain reduction and reduction of muscle aches and stiffness, and more. This machine has been the wellness offering of select spas and wellness centers around the world in locations like Switzerland, Australia, and France; clients at Vital Dome Philippines also feel immediate relief just after one session, which lasts for 45 minutes. 

Before the first session, clients are required to fill up a form to ensure they are in good health and have no medical indications against bath and heat treatments. Before each session, it is highly advised to hydrate with water (no alcohol intake during the course of the day), and you will also be refreshing your body with more water after the session at the water station inside the treatment room. Make sure as well to have eaten at least an hour before your Vital Dome experience so you don't feel full nor bloated when you lie down.

Vital Dome uses patented black carbon heating panels — while it heats your body, the panels itself will not scald your skin. You can actually touch the dome from the inside without stinging your hands.

The machine's infratherapy penetrates deeper under the skin compared to a regular sauna, allowing your body's temperature to raise slightly. You will be asked to undress and lie on the bed (underwear optional). The heat from the machine will evenly distribute on your body and like a sauna, make you perspire. Unlike traditional saunas though, you won't fully immerse your entire body — the dome covers you from the shoulders down, so you are able to breathe more easily in the airconditioned room.

Vital Dome won't make you feel trapped or claustrophobic, too — the inside is roomy enough for you to reposition yourself, should you wish to lie down on your back, on your stomach, or on your side (whatever you're more comfortable with)

The infratherapy will activate blood circulation, also flushing toxins from the body, and you'll also feel the tightness on your tired muscles go away.  

Vital Dome Philippines offers a trial session (P1,000 / partners, P2,000 / walk-in and non-partners). You can book your trial appointment by calling 0917-820-3757 or 028 863-0669.

Vital Dome is located at Unit 1122, 11th floor of Centuria Medical Makati, Kalayaan Avenue. It is open 10am – 7pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm on Saturday (closed Sunday). Follow Vital Dome on Instagram and Facebook (@VitalDomePH) for more information and updates. 

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