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They say a colon cleanse is life changing -- are you ready for the ultimate detox?

If you're one to start every year with a new set of resolutions and promises made to yourself, you've most likely included a better diet and fitness regimen (or finally started that diet and exercise that you've been putting off for so long). There are instances though that could also take a toll on your body, such as daily pollution, stress from work or commute, genetic and lifestyle situations, even mental health. If overall well-being is a path you want to take, you don't have to look far — Centro Holistico makes it convenient for you to prioritize your overall health and wellness, now with three locations in Metro Manila.

Centro Holistico's Pasig branch is located at 2/F The Retail Row at The Grove

The intregrative health and wellness center has been helping clients heal their bodies and promote a healthier lifestlye for over five years now, and is founded on the principle of restoring balance in one's self through the use of integrative medicine — using both traditional and western medicine methods, treatments that complement each other and work together to bring healing benefits to patients.

Supplements, superfoods, and other wellness products are also available at the center

Holistic healing treatments such as acupuncture, ventosa, colon cleanse, IV therapy, even life coaching, are made more accessible for everyone, and their group of medical doctors specializing holistic health are approachable and warm, making every appointment and consultation less daunting.

IV Therapy (Intravenous Nutrient) helps boost immunity and energy by administering a combination of vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream

Patients can lounge while waiting for their treatments

Consultation at Centro Holistico will not focus on a single ailment or concern, as doctors will thoroughly evaluate your overall health history, your diet, environment, and lifestyle. Your initial Medical Consultation with Live Blood Analysis is where a droplet of your blood will be evaluated through a digital microscope. This, alongside a very detailed form and questionnaire one will fill up, will be the basis of one's treatment plan that aims to restore your body's overall balance.

Inside the third and newest branch of Centro Holistico, located in Quezon City

Some of their best-selling treatments include Body Acupuncture (P1,600/Regular Rate, P1,360/Member Rate) and Ventosa/Cupping (P1,000/Regular Rate, P850/Member Rate), which are also my personal recommendations especially if you often workout or feel aches and pains around your body — several sessions of these have helped me heal my shoulder and neck pain, along with proper stretching and mobility exercises. The center also offers Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture to boost circulation and 'lift' your face for a more youthful look. Patients will appreciate having these services in the relaxing ambiance of the center that is similar to entering a spa, with calming music and soothing lighting. 

For the physically active or ones who experience chronic body pain, ventosa cupping improves blood circulation by stimulating your muscles and nerves


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One of the most sought-after services here is the Natural Colon Cleanse (P2,000/Regular Rate, P1,700/Member Rate) — a treatment that I was at first hesistant to try but is truly healing for your system. It detoxifies your body and as a result, it improves digestion, boosts energy, and flushes all the toxins that have built up inside you from all the food and drink you've taken in. The assisted colon cleanse (a 20-minute enema of a special coffee and turmeric solution) administered by their trained practitioners is definitely the least glamorous of all treatments one can avail of at Centro Holistico, but the feeling of relief and overall wellness after the treatment is amazing (imagine the biggest release you'll ever do in the toilet!).

For the ultimate detox treatment, patients undergo Colon Cleanse in a private bathroom, and the procedure is administered by one of the nurses

From athletes to cancer patients, fitness enthusiasts and people from all walks of life who simply choose to make their overall wellness a priority and part of their lifestyle, more and more regulars are frequenting Centro Holistico. Given these recent times of virus and illness scares, everyone wants to keep their immune system always in top shape more than ever, so it's good to know that wellness treatments are well within reach.

Visit Centro Holistico in three branches across Metro Manila: 2/F The Retail Row at The Grove by Rockwell Pasig, 2/F CommerCenter Alabang, and Penthouse Level of HPL Building, QC. Membership is at P3,000 per year. For more information, visit www.centroholisticoph.com, like Centro Holistico on Facebook (/centroholistico.ph) and follow on Instagram (@centroholistico).


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