8 Tried and Tested Waxing Salons in Metro Manila

Going hair-free and in need of a wax? Check out these hair removal salons around the city for your waxing needs!

Whether it's for the beach, a photoshoot, sports, or just that overall feeling of hair-free confidence – a good, affordable, and thorough wax is something most girls can appreciate.

But maintaining a hair-free body isn't easy – there are so many places to cater to, from head to toe. Luckily, there are just as many professional waxing studios around the city willing to do the dirty work for you, in the most premium way possible. Check these 8 places out! 

BareNaked Body Sugaring Salon

Photo: Barenaked Sugaring Salon

Have you ever heard of “sugaring?” Get in on the trend! BareNaked's organic waxing method uses 100% natural sugar paste – that's water, sugar, and lemon – and is ideal for all sensitive skin types.

Expert sugarists manipulate the paste by hand, applying and flicking to remove hair in the direction of the growth. The trick? Sugar paste grips to the hairs, but not to the skin, making it less painful. BareNaked offers underarm waxing (P200), full arms (P300), half-leg wax (P450), and even full-leg (P600). 

Hey Sugar!

Photo: Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon

Also into the all-natural, organic sugar waxing trend is Hey Sugar!, a waxing salon that offers more than just hair removal services. Aside from waxing, they also offer eyelash enhancements, like perming (P280) and extensions (P500). Their own products are also on sale, like sweet-smelling body butter and sugar scrubs.

For your wax, you can opt for cold sugar or hot sugar (100% natural)! You can have your underarms done (cold-P210), (hot-P310), get a bikini wax (cold-P340), (hot-P530), or go all out with a Brazilian (hot-P590) (cold-P830).

Lay Bare

Photo: Lay Bare Waxing Salon

A widely-known pioneer hair removal salon is Lay Bare, the "waxing expert" that caters to every hair-free need, from head to toe, at affordable prices, in multiple stores. Using a malleable waxing paste, Lay Bare’s specialists pull your hair from the roots.

Whether it's a full leg wax (P550) or underarms (P170), the therapists will tweeze every stray hair left behind. You can get a full-body wax (P1650), or why not a sulit package? Get Brazilian, half legs, underarms, and brows for P960.


Photo: Wax Hive Hot Wax Lounge

On the other hand, Wax Hive is a hot wax lounge that uses the technique of hot wax in removing any unwanted hair. No worries, you’re in the hands of pros! Hot wax is better for those with coarser, thicker hair, but is still gentle on the skin.

Stubborn hairs can be waxed away from your chest and stomach (P500), or from your intimate areas, like the bikini (P350), or in Hollywood style (P700). You can also get brow waxing and shaping treatment (P120). Each session begins and ends with Wax Hive's special soothing products.


Photo: MaxWax Waxing and Brow Design Studio

A waxing and brow design studio in one, the trendy MaxWax prioritizes a quality grooming experience, the quick, easy way. Practicing top-notch hygiene standards and comfort, your therapist will first ask you for your preferred temperature of the wax. Post-wax, tea tree oil is even applied.

MaxWax's Brow Wow (P390) treatment gives your brows some needed waxing and threading. Want brow tint? There's also the Brow Glam (P760). Other services include an upper lip (P230), hands & feet (P270), and full leg (P1,140).

Strip Manila

Photo: Strip Manila

Strip Manila calls itself the ministry of waxing – see for yourself! They make use of a thin layer of soft/hard wax, which is spread over the skin. A cloth strip is then pressed on top and then ripped quickly against hair growth. They use a special Berry Chocolate Wax and Strawberry Virgin Wax that helps reduce pain levels and sensitive areas.

Their hair removal treatments include half leg (P998), full face (P1,300), bikini (P1098), and even a full back (P1498).

Pink Parlour

Photo: Pink Parlour

Practicing hair removal since 2005, the pretty-in-pink waxing parlor from Singapore has garnered several lifestyle awards, making the name an esteemed one in Southeast Asia, and in Manila.

Pink Parlour offers a premium hair-free experience in just 10-15 minutes, from Brazilian waxing (P999), bikini (P600), eyebrows (P300), and full-body (P2999. THey're also known for their instant spray beach tans (P2500) and body scrubs (P99).

Wink Laser Studio

Photo: Wink Laser Studio

Known for their laser treatments and permanent hair removal services, it's no surprise that Wink can also wax!

For a quick and temporary solution, Wink uses hot wax (either hard wax for sensitive areas or soft for large areas using a wax strip) and then applies jasmine oil to soothe the area and remove post-wax stickiness. All it takes is 10 minutes!

You can get a Brazilian (P800), or opt for their "wax sizes" – medium: underarm (P400), small: upper lip (P300), or large: half legs (P500).


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