The Jing Monis Salon

If you want to be the mane event in the upcoming holidays, then book yourself an appointment with The Jing Monis Salon.

Certain salons are known for signature looks and services. In Jing Monis’s case, the look can be summed up by the salon’s face, the beautiful Anne Curtis. So ask yourself—are you anne-bisyosa?

Upon walking in The Jing Monis Salon in Alabang’s Bellevue Hotel, it’s pretty clear that it’s a step above your neighborhood parlor. While relatively smaller than most salons, the place is clean, bright, and well lit. Colorful wall accents, juice-colored couches and green plants line the waiting area and the main salon. Inside, there is a special makeup room, a shampoo area, and the bathrooms. Once seated, they will offer you the latest imported and local magazines and your choice of drinks. If your appointment hits the lunch or merienda hour, you may even order food from the hotel.

Alabang branch

Full disclosure: I have been a regular client of JMS Alabang for the past two years. While I will never reach Ms. Curtis’s level of gorgeousness, my hair has been looking its best! So far I’ve gotten a pixie, a side-shave, a bob, a lob—all to rave reviews from friends, family, and even complete strangers. No matter how drastic or edgy the style, the staff at Jing Monis always gives it a feminine and sexy twist.

Multi-tasking: another client at the salon

This time around, I wanted to go blonde. This extreme process, like any procedure done in the salon, started with the JMS Style Consult between the Creative Stylist and the client. Depending on the services you will avail, they will study factors such as your face shape, hair type, hair condition, etc. The JMS Signature Cut, which includes shampoo and blowout, starts at P700 with a Creative Stylist; if you want Jing Monis himself, it starts at P2,500. As I was in the process of growing out my hair, Creative Stylist Mandy Sierra simply trimmed and reshaped my bob to better suit the bright blonde hair I was hoping to get.

Before blonde

Going blonde is not an easy nor painless feat for anyone with dark hair. If you want a more subtle change, you may opt to get the Highlights Through Foiling (starts at P2,500), which is a mix of highlights and lowlights. This is a popular procedure, as only portions of hair are processed. If you’re ready to go a shade lighter or darker, then you can choose the JMS Absolute Color (starts at P2,350). Depending on your preference, you may decide from a catalogue of semi-permanent, permanent, or even organic dyes. Before they touch your hair, the team will take time to explain to you the process and how each shade will affect your current hair color. They will also tell you how often you will have to come back for touch-ups and how to maintain your new ‘do properly. Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like as the JMS team is equipped to answer them!

Ready for bleaching

Color Wash

Naked bleach: hair after the Color Wash

While I initially wanted platinum blonde, Mandy cautioned me that it might require multiple bleaching processes and would take a toll on my already lightened hair. After agreeing on a more manageable shade, he proceeded with the Color Wash (starts at P2,850), which strips my hair of the previous color. Bleaching your hair requires full commitment and will radically change one’s look. The process may also cause some discomfort for the client, depending on how sensitive your scalp is and the volume of the bleach. While I was thumbing through one of the many magazines I would read that day, I could actually see my hair “cooking” or getting lighter on salon mirror. When the timer chimed, my hair was given a thorough rinse. The next step was to add the dye.

Applying the dye

Many people usually experience a burning or itchy feeling during the bleaching process, but my scalp held up pretty well. I thought I was scot free, but the chemicals finally caught up with me when they started applying the blonde hair dye. To help ease the discomfort, they blasted cool air from a hair dryer during application. That process took about 45 minutes before the color was rinsed off again. Next, they applied a caring conditioner and added a blue toner to take down the brassy undertones. After the treatment, I was back again in the chair for styling. As my scalp and hair were extremely sensitive from the whole bleaching and coloring process, Mandy took great care in drying and styling my hair. He never scraped my scalp and used a low setting in the hair dryer to give me a proper pageboy. When he was done, I was face-to-face with my legally blonde self!

Drying and styling

Afterward, they team explained again how to take care of the hair and scalp while maintaining the color. Processed hair is very stressed and dry, so they recommended a mild, color-saving shampoo such as the Schwarzkopf Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Shampoo (P1,050), along with regular conditioning and hair treatments. They also advise in using a leave-in conditioner when using heated styling tools such as dryers and straightening irons. You may purchase many of the premium professional and consumer grade hair care brands in Jing Monis such as the aforementioned Schwarzkopf and TRESemmé.

Beyond adding, stripping, and changing your hair color, there are other ways to change up your look. For classic curls you can get the Mane Perming (starts at P2,500). If Gisele Bündchen-esque waves are more your style, then opt for the Digital Mane Perming (starts at P5,000). And of course, the ever-popular straightening procedures are also available. Mild Taming (starts at P3,650) will last you about six months, while the Total Taming (starts at P5,500) will last for an entire year.

One of the marks of a good haircut or hairstyle is the ease of styling when one doesn’t have access to a team of professionals. Meaning, can your new ‘do still look good during the daily grind? A well-trained artist with a good eye can give you the kind of hair you want that will suit you perfectly. You can’t go wrong with the JMS staff as they are all meticulously trained by Jing Monis himself, who also frequently visits the 3 salon branches. JMS has a following among the beauty, fashion, and showbiz insiders, who not only go to them for their hair, but also for makeup and other beautifying services. So whether you want to go blonde, get curls, or indulge in celebrity-style pampering, then gift yourself with a JMS appointment.


Want to learn how to do your own hair and makeup? Jing Monis Academy has several modules from the basics to wedding and airbrush makeup. Find out more at, Facebook (jingmonissalon), and Twitter (@jingmonissalon).

Additional images courtesy of The Jing Monis Salon.

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