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Tiny Buds To Release a New Storybook Called ‘Seeds of Hope’ This November 5

In the fast-paced world of mass production, it’s refreshing to see how love, care, and a whole lot of creativity is able to beat the odds and grow a tiny idea into a global baby brand.

Tiny Buds is a family-owned, female-led baby brand that is rooted in nature and free of harsh chemicals. Starting with a simple idea, Tiny Buds now has over 50 innovative items ranging from natural baby skin care, oral care, home cleaners, and remedies.

What makes Tiny Buds so special is its unique mission to help parents teach timeless values to their children through the magic of storytelling.

Each of Tiny Buds’ products features a character beloved by both parents and children. These characters all come with stories that teach values like gratefulness, honesty, happiness, helpfulness, and hope, which are meant to be shared with children during their tender formative years.

Given the uncertainty of the pandemic, Tiny Buds wants to instill the value of hope into the hearts of parents and children with its newest storybook “Seeds of Hope” which tells the journey of “Tiny,” a tiny seed who faces adversity but never gives up to reach its goal. The adorable characters and story also explain where the Tiny Buds kingdom got its name.


In true Tiny Buds style, the grand reveal of the storybook will happen on November 5 at 12 noon via a unique and immersive mommy and baby livestream show happening on the Tiny Buds Facebook page.

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“Tiny” the Bud, our newest friend, will be introduced through the most interactive event of the year! It will be an hour full of fun family bonding activities and creative storytelling.

“Tiny” will now be part of the Tiny Buds family, which includes Twiga the Grateful Giraffe, who teaches children that “Thank You is a magic word;” Haha the Happy Hippo, who imparts to children that “Happiness comes from within;” and Chabee the Hungry Panda, who reminds children that “It’s okay to make mistakes as long as we tell the truth.”

All of them represent Tiny Buds as a company – grateful for all parents who have trusted in the brand, steadfast in giving only the best baby care products, and motivated to grow with parents in instilling values to the next generation.

In 2021 alone, Tiny Buds has won multiple awards for top quality items and best-in-class performance. Truly a top choice of parents – even over among established international brands.

You can also take home the latest storybook called “Seeds of Hope” together with a Tiny Grow Kit Set as a FREE GIFT from Tiny Buds with minimum order of P1,111 on 11.11 (Nov. 11). This promotion is happening on the Tiny Buds’ official Lazada, Shopee, and Edamama stores.  Follow @tinybudsbaby on Instagram, @tinybuds on Facebook, and through its official flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee. You may also join the “Tiny Buds Family” Facebook Community to learn more.

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