Sebastian's Ice Cream

Celebrate Pride Month with Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s Pride Collection

Show your support for our friends in the LGBTQ+ community with Sebastian's Ice Cream's Pride Month collection!

ICYMI, June is Pride Month and Sebastian’s Ice Cream is celebrating all month long!

Sebastian’s Ice Cream’s head sorbetero Ian Carandang is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and has expressed his support through their Rainbow Pride Pop for five years now. The colorful ice pop has six layers representing the six stripes of the rainbow flag. Since its release, he has been offering it in his shops yearly as a limited edition product.

The Rainbow Pride Pop is a fruit-based ice pop with layers of strawberry, orange, mango, green apple, blueberry, and grape. It’s light, refreshing, fruity and a great treat in this heat all while celebrating our friends in the LGBTQ+ community.

Sebastian's Ice Cream Pride Pop

This year, Sebastian’s Ice Cream is adding two new variants to celebrate segments of the community — Bear Pride and Transgender Pride — featuring the colors of the flags they represent. The Bear Pride Pop is a milk-based Ice Pop in stripes with chocolate, Nutella caramel, coffee, vanilla, black sesame, and black cocoa. If you love chocolate, you will enjoy this ice pop! Another flavor in the ice pop line is the Trans Pride Pop which is a Yakult-based ice pop with layers of blackberry, strawberry, and original Yakult.

The Pride Pops are available at P95 per piece.


Sebastian's Ice Cream Pride Month

What’s a collection without an ice cream cake? For Pride Month, Sebastian’s Ice Cream has created a Rainbow Ice Cream cake which has different layers and flavors: an ube cake base topped with layers of blueberry and avocado ice cream, lemon cake, orange sherbet, strawberry sorbet, and sweet cream ice cream with crunchy milk crumb. It is topped with rainbow white chocolate and finished off with edible gold glitter.

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The Rainbow Ice Cream Cake is available in whole 9-inch at P1,650 and in slices at P155.

The Pride Collection is now available in-store and for delivery via

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