Ninetea Taiwanese Restaurant

Missing Taiwan? Ninetea Taiwanese Restaurant Offers Authentic Taiwanese Dishes and Snacks in Manila!

Ninetea Taiwanese Restaurant brings use to Taiwan even just for a few hours!

Taiwan is famous for many things, one of which is its food. They have a wide variety of snacks and dishes that people actually travel to just to have a taste. And yes, we do miss their food! Leisure travel may not be an option now but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy authentic Taiwanese foods. Luckily there’s Ninetea Taiwanese Restaurant. Located in Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Ninetea brings us to Taiwan even just for a few hours. They even have an al fresco area so you can comfortably enjoy your meal.

Ready to travel even just for a bit? Start with their Deep Fried Squid Balls (P180) which are dusted with five-spice powder. Careful because this is so easy to pop in the mouth, I finished one serving in one sitting. And of course, there’s the Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken (P220) tossed in five-spice seasoning and served with loads of garlic and fried spinach.

Ninetea Taiwanese Restaurant Set Meals

They have over 10 set meals to choose from. One pack comes with meat, rice, soup, pickles, and sauteed vegetables. Choices include Native Taiwanese Salted Pork Chop, Aromatic Three Cups Chicken, Sweet and Sour Fish, and more. The sets range from P380 to P480 only, which is pretty impressive given the serving — definitely great for sharing.

Ninetea also offers hotpot with rice that’s great for sharing with the whole family or with friends. The Seafood Milky Cheese Hotpot (P620) has a generous serving of fresh seafood and vegetables in a creamy milk soup base. There are six soup bases to choose from and you can even customize the protein: pork, lamb, chicken, and beef.

Ninetea Taiwanese Restaurant is open daily from 10am to 9pm. For exclusive updates and promos, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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