House of Birria Tacos Manila

Here’s Where You Can Get Premium Beef Birria Tacos in Manila

House of Birria has a great following considering they only started serving late last year.

One of the dishes that blew up during the pandemic is Birria Tacos. And if you’ve been browsing through social media, you must have heard about or seen this on your feed. This didn’t grow its popularity just in the Philippines but actually worldwide.

Birria is a Mexican meat stew with roots in Tijuana and Jalisco. It is traditionally made from goat meat and is served on special occasions and holidays. It is served in crispy corn tortillas dipped in the consommé which is used to braise the meat and spices so you can only expect an explosion of flavor and texture in every bite.

While we still can’t travel due to restrictions, our taste buds can. Luckily, there are a few shops serving this really popular Mexican fare, one of which is House of Birria which has a great following considering they only started serving late last year. They have also opened a physical store at Devour Food Hub in Quezon City if you feel like dining out.

House of Birria uses real Mexican chilis and spices to achieve the unique flavor that birrias have. They also use USDA Beef which has been braised in their flavorful broth for eight hours — it’s extremely tender that it almost melts in your mouth. Each taco is carefully assembled using only the freshest ingredients: flour tortilla, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, white onion, cilantro, lettuce, and slow-braised beef. It comes with lemon wedges, salsa, and consommé for dipping.

House of Birria’s Premium Beef Birria is available in three sizes: Small (P520/4pcs), Large (P1,000/8pcs), and Party (P1,920/16pcs). They also have an Arroz de Birria (P350) which has their premium beef birria on top of rice. Add P100 for some roasted bone marrow you can add to your birria tacos to make it even richer.


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