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Rice to the Occasion and Eat These 8 Dishes Exclusive to Ooma Sushi Bar in Salcedo Village, Makati

Ooma's newest concept serves some of the old Ooma faves but offers many new delicious things, like aburi rolls, blow-torched dishes, and refreshing sorbet. Here are all the items you can only find and enjoy at Ooma Sushi Bar!

Ooma's newest concept serves some of the old Ooma faves but offers many new delicious things, like aburi rolls, blow-torched dishes, and refreshing sorbet.

geOoma Sushi Bar: modern Japanese food veering away from traditional, just like its older sister Ooma

Ooma Sushi Bar is a new hole in the wall in Salcedo Village, Makati, and brings in the bold modern flavors of its older sister, Ooma. In this new space, though, they are putting the spotlight on aburi, a Japanese cooking technique of torching food to give a different layer of flavor in every bite. Signature flame-torched items at the sushi bar include aburi makis and aburi bowls — both equally delicious and filling (it's rice after all, folks). So if you're quite the Ooma regular, there's always something new to sink your teeth into here at the little sushi bar. You'll also find several top hits from Ooma on their menu, too.

Ready those chopsticks and come craving for all the fun and bold flavors — this new restaurant has a lot to offer and needs a ravenous appetite to keep up with it. Here are all the items can only find and enjoy at Ooma Sushi Bar!

1. Spicy Tuna Taco-Maki (P199): two pieces of 'taco-maki,' a signature Ooma creation that's an open-faced temaki wrap meant to be eaten like a taco (with your hands!) This one is filled with tuna tartare, togarashi-scallion dressing, and wasabi aioli.

2. Salmon Miso Maki (P275): six sweet and creamy sushi rolls with a classic combination of salmon and cream cheese, with pickled cucumber, asparagus, miso dressing, and toasted sesame.


3. Crab and Kani Maki (P265): no holding back on flavors and texture here, as the sushi bar goes all out with unctuousness and seafood flavors of fresh crab, pickled cucumber, mango pico, a generous smothering of aligue mayo, and teriyaki sauce drizzle.

4. Kimchi Gyoza (P245): Unabashedly modern, these five pieces of gyoza gets a Korean spin with a stuffing of kimchi along with pork, cabbage, scallions, togarashi, and gratinated mozarella and cheddar. More punches of flavor are enjoyed in every bite thanks to the unagi sauce and spicy mayo drizzle. It's so flavorful you'll probably crave for some rice (or beer) to pair it with.

5. Salmon and Spicy Tuna Bowl (P365): aburi bowls at Ooma Sushi Bar are bang for your buck because not only do you get quality seafood, but also more than enough flavorsome carbs to satiate your appetite. It could even be shared, especially if you're still getting some sushi along with it! This bowl has seasoned sushi rice topped with fresh cut tuna and torched salmon, aioli, Ceviche dressing, bits of green apples, toasted Nori, fried leeks, and katsuboshi flakes.

6. Pork and Squid Takoyaki Bowl P365: Yes, Ooma Sushi Bar does serve up things boldly different — like taking your favorite Japanese snack and turning it into a very filling main course. Served on a bed of seasoned rice, the seared squid and braised pork takoyaki are accompanied by generous amounts of shredded cabbage and corn, thin nori strips, and katsuboshi flakes that you really have to dig in your chopsticks deep to have a peek of the rice. Scallions, togarashi, and Bulldog aioli round up this flavor party.

7. Yuzu Cheesecake Ice Cream (P148): after your stuffing yourself with lots and lots of flavorful rice in form of rolls and bowls, end your meal light and sweet with dessert crafted by Manila Creamery exclusively for the sushi bar. Start with this refreshing ice cream than combines a mildly tangy flavor of cheesecake with the subtle citrus of Japanese lemon. The graham cracker crumbs give every spoonful an added playful texture.

8. Lychee Sake Sorbet (P148): another ultra-refreshing dessert by Manila Creamery, one cup is enough to cleanse and reset the palate after a heavy meal and especially in this summer heat, this frozen fruit based treat is heaven-sent.

Ooma Sushi Bar is now open at the ground floor of 136 Paseo Heights, Salcedo Village, Makati. It is open Monday to Friday from 11am to 11pm, Saturday from 11am to 12mn, and Sunday from 11am to 10pm. Contact 0917-8263603 and 814-3795, and follow Ooma Sushi Bar's digital menu on Instragram (@oomasushibar).

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