Goodhaus Makes Healthy Eating Easier with their Affordable and Macro-Counted Meals

Goodhaus offers delicious, healthy, and filling meals that actually don't break the bank.

Being at home almost 24/7 has been difficult for some, including myself. Preparing food may be something I enjoy but there are just days that I just want to take a break from the kitchen and not think about what to cook next. Luckily, there are meal plans around the metro that does the job for someone like me who tracks macros. Goodhaus has delicious, healthy, and filling meals that actually don’t break the bank.

This is actually not the first time I’ve encountered Goodhaus as I’ve seen them in some of the workout studios I usually go to pre-pandemic, and I’ve always wanted to try them. They provide nutritious and delicious meals for as low as P250 per meal which makes it extremely accessible for anyone who wants to kickstart their clean eating habits.

Savory Offerings

Goodhaus is suitable for any diet: Keto, wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and high protein. They have over 20 hot meals you can choose from, including wraps for when you want to quickly fill yourself up with quality food.

A favorite is the K-Pop which is a serving of Korean beef bulgogi with caulirice, and the Miss Saigon Wrap, a pork banh mi wrap. There are also other dishes like an oat-crusted chicken katsu, herb-roasted chicken, fish tacos, spicy tuna wrap, and more, which range from only P250 to P300. These come in containers that you can just pop into the microwave for at least two minutes. They’ve also recently introduced their Bone Broth (P300), a natural collagen drink made with chicken and beef bones, carrots, olive oil, and apple cider.

Sweet Treats

Goodhaus also offers its customers some guilt-free treats like their best-selling Keto-friendly Carrot Cake, and some other protein-rich munchies. Their sweet treats start at only P150 per serving.


Goodhaus is open daily from 9am to 4pm with delivery and pick-up options in Makati City. To order, please visit their website, or reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram.

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