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Enjoying a Tic Tac Scores You a Chance to Win a PS5, AirPods

Tic Tac helps us cope with stress through their 'It's Good to Chill' campaign.

With stress-inducing factors all around us in our everyday lives, it’s more important than ever to learn how to cope with stress. Mints brand Tic Tac aims to give us a little hand with its latest “It’s Good To Chill” campaign, which kicked off with a banter-filled online event last Wednesday, April 7, 2021.  

The #ItsGoodToChill livestream, hosted by actress Sarah Carlos, featured singer Christian Bautista, social media influencer Aeriel Garcia, actor Julian Trono, vlogger and TV host Aryanna Epperson, and sportscaster Martin Javier.  

“The pandemic lockdown has been hard for many, drastically reducing options to unwind and let off some steam. In the past year, everyone’s world revolved around the home, which can be limiting. Staying true to its gentle nature, Tic Tac is encouraging us to make time to chill and relax” Sarah said. “As each Tic Tac has over 100 layers of coating that allows for a gentle release of flavors and freshness, it’s the perfect solution to help uplift the mood, especially for those who still lead a fast-paced life even when stuck at home.”  

“As more people are looking for ways to take some time off from what’s currently happening around the world, we are here to remind you that it’s okay to sit back, relax, loosen up, and chill out!” she added.  

The interactive livestream kicked off with unboxing of giant Tic Tac boxes, which contained several packs of Tic Tac in various flavors: Mint, Spearmint, Strawberry, Orange, and the limited-edition Coca-Cola variant. 


While Christian, Aeriel, Aryanna, and Martin laughed and teased each other about the sandbags they found at the bottom of their boxes, Julian found a smaller box containing a brand-new Sony PlayStation 5, which has been very difficult to purchase since its release in November 2020.  

“I wasn’t expecting to win a PS5! Much love Tic Tac!” said an ecstatic Julian. When asked about the first game he’s going to play on his brand-new console, Julian said it would be War Zone for now.  

After the unboxing, Sarah revealed that the other guests will have one more shot at winning a PS5 during the livestream, stirring up another round of excitement! 

The guests put their competitive hats on for a pop quiz, which featured questions about pop culture, gaming,  and even riddles. After more than ten questions and a very close game, Aryanna emerged as the winner, followed closely by Christian, who had been playfully badgering Julian to sell him his PS5 console since the livestream began.  

“It was a good battle. Please don’t hate me; we just met!” Aryanna said to Christian.  

If you’d also like to get your hands on the elusive PS5 or Apple AirPods, join Tic Tac’s #TicTacForTheWin challenge.  

Tic Tac is giving away two Sony PlayStation5 and two Apple AirPods every week until May 21, 2021. With a total of 20 PS5 consoles and 20 Apple AirPods to be won, the lucky winners can take their #ItsGoodToChill to the next level.

To join, simply purchase any flavor of Tic Tac 14.5g or higher. Snap a photo of your single-receipt purchase and upload it to Don’t forget to key in your info!  

With every receipt you upload, you get one raffle entry and a chance to win any of the prizes for the week.  

Winners are announced at the end of each week through the website and are also contacted via email.   For more details about #TicTacForTheWin, you can visit Tic Tac’s Official Facebook Page or

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