Nabe on the go balls hotpot

Nabe’s On-the-Go Balls: Snack on Chewy Hotpot Treats for only P199

You can now order Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hot Pot’s premium quality balls for snacking at home!

Craving for hotpot goodness but cannot commit to an entire feast? If you’re looking for delicious seafood balls and fish cakes to chew on (minus the giant pot of broth and fixings), then this new offering from Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hot Pot is something you should check out.

Nabe balls

On-the-Go Balls

For only P199, you can enjoy Nabe’s collection of premium quality balls that comes with a matching dipping sauce. Get an assortment of lobster ball, squid ink ball, cuttlefish ball, fishcake, golden roll, and beef ball with every order. It’s snack time made a little bit healthier! You’re not snacking on junk food or something deep-fried, so that’s somewhat healthy for a change.

The assorted balls you get in your bowl of On-the-Go Balls serves as a sneak peek of their different hotpot balls — a crowd favorite are the balls stuffed with cheese!

Nabe On-The-Go Balls (P199) is now available for pick-up and delivery by ordering online on their website. You can also level up your hotpot experience at home by getting the Nabe Pot (P400). It comes with your very own hotpot and portable stove. Nabe also has an online grocery where you can shop for your hotpot essentials to make your hotpot experience at home just the way you like it.

Nabe on-the-go balls

For more information, follow Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hot Pot on Facebook and Instagram.


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