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Chips Flavored Doughnuts by Poison

Love Junk Food? Try Poison’s Chips-Flavored Doughnuts

Crispy junk food classics like Cheetos, Doritos, and Ruffles transform into doughnuts at Poison.

If you’re into snacking on chips, there are three new doughnuts in town seeking your attention. Poison, a long-time purveyor of curiously and creatively flavored doughnuts, presents their new lineup: Chips-Flavored Doughnuts!

Chips Flavored Doughnuts by Poison

Poison’s Limited-Editon Chips-Flavored Doughnuts come in three flavors, and are at P120 each. For all three chips-inspired flavors, they jazz up their fluffy glazed doughnuts with a coating or topping of the famous chips.

White Chocolate Cheetos

White Chocolate Cheetos (P120) is a doughnut with white chocolate glaze that they coat with crumbled Cheetos. The Milk Chocolate Doritos (P120), a personal pick among the three, takes nacho cheese-flavored Doritos and coats a chocolate glazed doughnut with it. It’s a little strange at first to taste the nacho cheese with chocolate, but I grew to love the combination the more I sink my teeth into it.

Milk Chocolate Doritos

Lastly, Poison offers Dark Chocolate Ruffles (P120). This is the more familiar route, as chocolate-coated chips are more familiar for snack time. They crown a salted dark chocolate glazed doughnut with dark chocolate coated Ruffles. If you want to get the most crunch and texture, get this flavor, as the other two are more crushed coatings, making their crunch factor very minimal.

Dark Chocolate Ruffles
Dark Chocolate Ruffles

Poison’s new flavors are now available at the store. You can now order online through their new website, You can also order via Grabfood, Foodpanda, or Pickaroo, and by calling Poison at 0917 589 4547. Follow Poison Coffee & Doughnuts on Facebook and Instagram.


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