10 Places to Check Out in Manila If You Love Sushi

Ask anyone what their favorite Asian cuisine is (aside from Filipino food, of course), and you'd probably hear almost anyone agree about their love for Japanese food.

Ask anyone what their favorite Asian cuisine is (aside from Filipino food, of course), and you'd probably hear almost everyone say that theirs is Japanese food. After all, their cuisine is famous for being well-balanced and delicious. While ramen, tempura, and katsu will always have a spot in everyone's hearts, there will always be one dish that tops the list of the best Japanese food, and that's sushi. 

For those days when you just crave for a good sushi, but don't know where to go, we're giving you a rundown of some of the best places to get your fill of sushi and maki – from the traditional to the more innovative ones.  

1. Ooma 


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The second collaboration between The Moment Group and Chef Bruce Ricketts, Ooma is a Japanese restaurant which reinvents and serves a bolder and newer interpretation of some everyone's favorite Japanese dishes. While you could always order various dishes that go perfectly well with rice, they also put their spotlight on their takes on the maki. Some of the must-tries from their menu include the Salmon Miso Maki, Shell Crab Taco Maki, and Unagi Mentaiko Aburi Maki, which is basically flame-seared maki to bring out a more distinct aroma and flavor. 

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2. Nikkei

Nikkei is known for serving dishes that are fusions of the flavors of Japan and Peru, highlighting the two countries' love for the freshest catch of fish. Their makis come in either 5 or 10 pieces, their bestseller being the Grill Ebi Sushi Roll which is a good and filling starter with prawns, cream cheese, onion leeks, mango, yellow pepper sauce, and togarashi. 

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3. Mr. Roboto


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This 80s-themed restaurant in Alabang may have just opened recently, but it's already been gaining a lot of fans because of its colorful design and, of course, their modern take on the sushi rolls and nigiri. Some of the rolls they have on the menu which you should definitely try include Mr. Roboto, which has spicy tuna, negi, and aburi tuna on top of a cucumber roll, spicy Voltes V with fried ebi wrapped in kani, kani salad, and wasabi on a cucumber roll, and Mazinger Z with spicy salmon, negi salmon with cream cheese, and crispy salmon skin on a radish roll. 

4. Genki Sushi 

​Genki Sushi introduces a new and more digital way of dining to every sushi-lover out there – from their touchscreen menu to the trains that bring you your orders via a double-deck conveyor belt. A plate of their sushi ranges from P60 to P250, depending on what kind and how premium the sushi is. It's also best to share with a friend as a plate comes with either two or three pieces. Some of the recommended sushi to try include the Lobster Salad Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, and the more premium Salmon Roe Handroll

5. Torch Restaurant

If you've always wondered what it would be like to have something that's a mix of sushi and taco, then Torch has the answer for you! Dubbed as "Noritacos", diners may choose from 8 different kinds which go perfectly well the drinks they have available. Each Noritaco is made of a crispy nori shaped into a taco shell and stuffed with Japanese rice, and an assortment of ingredients like salmon (Kabuki Noritaco), soft-shell crab (Kumo Noritaco), spicy baby octopus (Chuka Iidako), and kani (Kari Noritaco).

You may order this by one or two pieces starting at P132.95, or you can try their sampler which gets you one of every kind for P1284.95. 

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6. Ogetsu Hime

When it comes to the freshest seafood, there's no better place  to go than Ogetsu Hime. Their dishes may be a bit on a pricier side, but it surely is worth it because they're serving nothing but the best kind. Their most premium sushi, the Otoro sushi, is priced P1270 for two pieces and is made from the belly of the rare Bluefin Tuna. 

If you want a bit more of a variety, they also have the Tokubetsu Sushi that has an assortment of the freshest seafood like unagi, uni, hotategai, and more. 

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7. Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Ogawa in BGC takes pride in serving high-quality Japanese food that's cooked fresh in different stations. They offer an extensive selection of sashimi, sushi, and maki, and you can even watch the chefs prepare these dishes right in front of them. Their sushi might seem pricey at first, but that's because most of the seafood they serve are imported from Japan. You can have these as it is, or as part of a set which gives you a sample of everything, ranging from P350 to P5280. 

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8. Kenshin Japanese Izakaya

Aside from the Takoyaki which diners get to make on their tables themselves, Kenshin also serves sushi rolls which would be perfect if you find yourselves suddenly craving for one in the middle of lunch. Their Philadelphia Roll is one of their most famous rolls, which has salmon, cream cheese, and mango. They also have a Sushi Combo Platter and a Sashimi Boat if you're dining with a barkada as it has a bit of everything. 

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9. Omakase

No matter what kind of craving you're having for Japanese food, Omakase surely has the fix to it – may it be their katsu, donburi, or katsu. Now if sushi's what you're looking for, but don't know which kind to get, then you can never go wrong with their Sushi Boat Regular which gives you 31 pieces of their bestselling sushi, sashimi, and makimono! Aside from this, they also have a Sushi Boat Deluxe (36 pieces of bestselling makimono) and Sushi Boat Premium (fresh seafood sashimi).

10. Minami Saki

Offering modern and authentic Japanese cuisine, Minami Saki by Astoria is where you should go if you're looking for something that's both eye-catching and delicious. While you could always choose the more traditional sushi and sashimi from the menu, Minami Saki is more popular for their Aburi Sushi which you can have a sample of either 3 or 5 kinds (hamachi, salmon, tuna, eel, lapu-lapu), perfect for the first timers who are still not sure which to have. 

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Did we miss your favorite sushi place? Let us know below! 


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