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Soru Izakaya opens in BGC: Japanese Cuisine Through a Modern Lens

“Soru” stands for soul, as the restaurant keeps the spirit of Japanese culture whilst revitalizing it. It imbues the taste of the “New Nippon” or new Japan, offering traditional Japanese cuisines with a touch of contemporary flavor.

Soru Izakaya is not your typical Japanese restaurant. Its modern aesthetic and food will make you see Japanese culture like you’ve never seen it before.

“Soru” stands for soul, as the restaurant keeps the spirit of Japanese culture whilst revitalizing it. It imbues the taste of the “New Nippon” or new Japan, offering traditional Japanese cuisines with a touch of contemporary flavor.

First seen in Maginhawa, Soru Izakaya opens another branch in BGC for people on the other side of the metro to enjoy.

Soru Izakaya in Burgos Circle, BGC

Their bestseller is the Spicy Maguyo Salad (P290) which has a perfect balance of savor and spice, made with fresh greens and tuna sashimi cubes, topped with crunchy tempura flakes and black tobiko. The spicy Japanese mayo dressing gives it just the right kick to invigorate your palate.

Spicy Maguro Salad

Novelties in the BGC branch are the Saikoro “Wagyu” Cubes (P480), Wagyu meat (P990), and other premium meat. Complete with different sauces–roasted sesame, teriyaki, and spicy mayo, these tender dishes will make the trip to BGC worth your while.

Saikoru “Wagyu” Cubes

Let’s not forget their famous maki! These certainly grabbed the attention of many in social media with their colorful and elegant aesthetic. Aside from the creative presentation, the bright colors also translate to delectable flavors. The Oh Umi Maki (P390) has a generous serving of eight pieces. It’s shrimp tempura and salmon cubes wrapped up in a delicious roll with salmon and tempura flakes for a crunchy texture, drizzled in teriyaki sauce and truffle mayo. The Lava Maki (P380) is salmon skin and tamago wrapped in Japanese rice, accompanied by salmon and tuna cubes in spicy mayo to emulate actual lava. It’s certainly smokin’ hot–both in looks and in taste.

Oh Umi Maki      

The maki are all designed with different Japanese culture elements such as dragons, butterflies and tigers. Although it looks too pretty to eat, the designs are actually edible–it’s mayonnaise!

Lava Maki

Other must-try dishes in every Japanese restaurant are the Shake, chilled Norwegian Salmon (P420) that literally melts in your mouth, the Nori Tempura (P360) which is your typical tempura with a crunchy exterior and soft interior–except Soru Izakaya adds in Nori for a resonating flavor, and the Kushiyaki Platter (P560) with a diverse set of choices comprised of bacon enoki, chicken, pork, quail egg wrapped in bacon, and grilled shiitake mushrooms.

Shake, chilled Norwegian Salmon
Nori Tempura
Kushiyaki Platter

Also inspired by “Izakaya,” a kind of gastropub in Japan that serves affordable food with a variety of alcoholic drinks, Soru Izakaya transforms its second floor into a speakeasy bar during the night. Within the reach of yuppies who are ready to unwind after work, Soru Izakaya serves non-alcoholic beverages and exotic cocktails.

Soru Izakaya's second floor

For day drinks, the Soru Lemonade (P85) has a zest that’s tangy and sweet, the House Blend Iced Tea (P85) with black tea and passion fruit has a mellow piquancy, and the Kyuri Green Iced Tea (P85) with green tea and cucumber has a refreshing quality.

For the nights out, they serve cocktails such as Sour Samurai, Kyuri Sake, Blue Geisha, and Wasabi Kamikazee. Each one has a distinct flavor so they’re a must-have to “treat yoself” after a week of hard work.

 Soru Lemonade, House Blend Iced Tea, and Kyuri Green Iced Tea
Wasabi Kamikazee, Kyuri Sake, Blue Geisha, and Sour Samurai

To put the icing on top, Soru Izakaya also serves decadent desserts. The Tiramisu (P220) is creamy and subtly sweet, just the right one to get if you want your dessert fix but don’t want to go overboard with the sweetness.


Besides the interesting and palatable food, the place is also a sight to see. You would expect curtains, fans, and lanterns in traditional Japanese restaurants, but Soru Izakaya puts an exciting spin to the interior. Inspired by anime and manga, they had local artists create murals to focus on modern images leaning towards the industrial side of Japan.  Overall, you can expect good food and good ambience in Soru Izakaya, BGC.

So hop on because Soru Izakaya takes you and your taste buds on a journey to modern Japan!

Soru Izakaya is now open in Burgos Circle, BGC. Follow Soru Izakaya on Instagram (@soruizakaya) and Like on Faceboook (/Soru-Izakaya-BGC).


Photos by Adrien G. Tee and Patricia A. Dy

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