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Alt Scoops Gelato is So Creamy, You Won’t Believe it’s Vegan

Alt Scoops is changing the frozen desserts game in Manila!

If you’re like me who is always on the lookout for healthier and ethical alternatives, Alt Scoops is your new BFF.

A new concept from Hygge Bev Co, Alt Scoops is changing the frozen desserts game in the metro. The brand uses 100% vegan ingredients offering a simple change to protect the environment without giving up our favorite food. They’ve replaced cow’s milk with oat milk, making each scoop smooth, silky, and rich. I’m a huge ice cream fan and I can see how this can be a staple in my freezer.

Alt Scoops currently has four decadent flavors: Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Burnt Caramel with Roasted Pecans, and Choco Hazelnut. Each pint starts at only P350.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate may sometimes be a bit overpowering but the combination of Auro’s 77% Couverture Chocolate, cocoa powder, and oat milk is a match made in heaven. The richness of single-origin cacao beans and the creaminess of the oat milk make for a perfect gelato flavor.

Burnt Caramel with Roasted Pecans

A crowd favorite, this flavor is smooth, sweet, buttery, and topped with roasted pecans. The smooth texture of the gelato is balanced with the crunch you get from the pecans. I totally understand why this has been a constant best-seller since their launch.



This was the first flavor I’ve ever tasted for when they first offered gelato made with oat milk. They use locally sourced Cordillera strawberries and say half of the pint is filled with it. It’s fresh, tart, and sweet.

Choco Hazelnut

A personal favorite among the collection is this flavor made with Gianduia for that rich chocolate and nutty taste. It’s rich, balanced, and I just couldn’t stop myself from eating the whole pint.

Make sure you stock up on these. Order via their website.

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