Ramen Nagi Bolzico Beef

Ramen Nagi collaborates with Bolzico Beef for their Limited King

Will you be trying this new creation from Ramen Nagi and Bolzico Beef?

For the first time ever, Ramen Nagi collaborates with another food brand for their Limited King series.

The well-loved ramen shop in the Philippines gives their Sukiyaki King an upgrade with thin slices of premium beef. For only P580, you can easily have a 5-star ramen experience. Every bowl has its signature Japanese noodles in rich tonkatsu broth mixed with special Sukiyaki sauce. It is then topped with thin slices of Bolzico Beef, tofu, and egg yolk for extra creaminess.

As this is a part of their Limited King line-up, it is only available for a limited time in all Ramen Nagi shops.

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