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5 Dishes To Try in Limbaga 77 When You’re Craving Filipino Comfort Food in QC

For those who suddenly finds themselves craving for their favorite Filipino comfort food, there's no better place to go to than Limbaga 77. 

Quezon City is home to a lot of restaurants serving different cuisines – from the more traditional dishes to the more innovative ones. So whether you're looking for a good Korean barbecue place or a place where you can just grab a drink or two with friends, you'll never really run out of places to go to in the city. 

However, if Filipino comfort food is what you're looking for, there's no better place to go to than Limbaga 77

Located along Scout Limbaga (hence the name!), Limbaga 77 is a homey restaurant serving Filipino favorites. It's a fitting word to describe the place as it's actually a 50-year old house turned into what it already is today. It's also the perfect place for family gatherings and meetings as it has 2 private rooms, and an al fresco area for those who prefer dining outside. 

Aside from the dishes like Kare-Kare, Baked Lechon, and the Halaan Soup, here are 5 other dishes you shouldn't miss when you visit the restaurant:

1. Pako Salad

Pako Salad (P277)

For starters, their Pako Salad has pako, lettuce, tomato, and onions drizzled with the restaurants own vinegrette. Limbaga 77 also adds bits of salted egg into it, balancing out the sweet and sourness of the vinaigrette with a hint of saltiness. 


2. Spicy Bicol Express

Spicy Bicol Express (P177)

Anyone who loves dishes with a bit of spiciness in it would not be disappointed with Limbaga 77's Spicy Bicol Express. Best paired with whatever kind of rice you want from their menu, their version of the dish is the right mix of creamy and spicy so it's not too overwhelming for those who just want a bit of a kick. 

3. Pochero

Pochero (P577)

One should also not miss Limbaga's take on the Filipino stew. Staying true with the original flavors of the dish, you'd find cabbage, green beans, potatoes, and – of course – plantain, which is to thank for the stew's sweetness. 

4. Pork Sisig 

Pork Sisig (P277)

When it comes to Filipino food, one of the dishes that's always present is the sisig as it can make a good ulam with rice, or pulutan with a bottle of beer. Limbaga 77 serves their sisig in a sizzling plate, so it's hot and crispy as it could be, which is exactly how we like our sisig. 

5. Sinigang na Baka sa Pakwan

Sinigang na Baka sa Pakwan (P477)

When it's cold and rainy out side, nothing beats a dish that's as comforting as sinigang. And while you could always have their Sinigang na Salmon if you find yourselves craving with something with seafood, their Sinigang na Baka sa Pakwan is another must-try, with its tender meat and unique flavors brought by the sweetness of the watermelon. 

Which of these dishes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 



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