Have a Sweet V-Day with Krispy Kreme’s Doughnuts & Chiller for the Season!

Bring your SO delicious doughnuts this season of love!

Krispy Kreme will make your Valentine’s Day even sweeter with their new heart-shaped doughnuts and chiller that are available for a limited time only!

Those who love dark chocolate will enjoy the Ruby Dark Choco— Krispy Kreme’s world-famous yeast-raised doughnuts filled with luscious Ruby Chocolate filling, half-dipped in dark chocolate, and generously drizzled with ruby chocolate sauce, and topped with edible flowers and ruby chocolate pieces!

For a creamier confection, try the Ruby White Choco which is filled with luscious Ruby Chocolate filling, half-dipped in white chocolate and generously drizzled with ruby chocolate sauce, and finished off with white chocolate Crispearls.

Want to gift the goodness of pistachios for your chosen Valentine? Grab the Ruby Pistachio— doughnuts filled with crunchy pistachio Kreme filling, half dipped in Ruby Chocolate sauce, generously drizzled with dark chocolate, and sprinkled with chopped pistachios!

Looking for something delightfully cool? Krispy Kreme’s Ruby Chocolate Chiller is made with an iced cold Ruby Chocolate based chiller, mixed with Wild Berry syrup for that extra tangy flavor, and then topped with whipped cream and heart-shaped sprinkles.


Krispy Kreme’s heart-shaped doughnuts starts at P55 each. Meanwhile, the Ruby Chocolate Chiller is priced P145 for the 12oz and P165 for the 16oz. These are available for dine-In, take out, drive thru, and delivery 888-79000, in all operational Krispy Kreme stores until February 14.

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