These True Boss Gift Sets Are Bringing Healthy Options This Feast-ive Season

These healthy drinks are great gift ideas this holiday season!

What better way to show your loved ones and friends that you care for them this Christmas than giving them a healthy choice for a Christmas gift? True Boss brings you different gift sets that will surely spruce up your holidays!

Choose from these True Boss Gift Sets for only P499.00 each. The True Boss Gift Set A includes: Fruit Tea (Alpine Tea and Mango), Fruit Tea with Cheese Milk Foam (Strawberry and Green Tea), Peach Fruit Enzyme Drink with Mango Bits, and Cranberry Fruit Enzyme Drink with Strawberry Bits. 

You may also pick the True Boss Gift Set B which includes Peach Fruit Enzyme with Yakult, Cranberry Fruit Enzyme Drink with Basil, Peach Fruit Enzyme Drink with Aloe, and Cranberry Fruit Enzyme Drink with Strawberry Bits. 

These flavors are suitable for all bosses like you and it will surely provide the holiday taste that everyone is looking for! Got a special preference? Feel free to fill the remarks and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Whether you are on a holiday gift rush or taking your time with gift shopping, True Boss PH has got you covered! Include the recipient’s name and yours in the remarks section for a more personalized presentation. The gift sets are conveniently packed as Christmas gifts so you don’t need to worry about a thing! 


You may order through their website: or call them directly to place your orders! They are also available on GrabFood and FoodPanda. 

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