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BIZU Patisserie Delivers a Decadent Christmas with its Joyeux Noël 2020 Catalogue

Make your celebrations sweeter with these delightful treats from BIZU!

The year 2020 has taught us the importance of expressing love to family and friends, celebrating everyday moments and finding heartfelt joy. If kissing under the mistletoe is out for now, send a lip-smackingly delicious Bizu creation, and remind everyone how sweet and wonderful life can be this time of year.  

Celebrate the holiday season by sending Christmas cards, performing acts of kindness, spending quality time with loved ones and sharing thoughtful gifts from the Bizu Joyeux Noël 2020 catalogue.

Fantastic centerpieces for the holiday table

Bizu cakes are works of art intertwined with delicate and decadent flavors. This year, Bizu introduces the perfect Christmas cake – The Cleopatra—a round beehive-like cake featuring layers of white chocolate mousse with honey-truffle oil and créme brûlée, topped with crunchy pearls and soft profiteroles. Hints of gold foil add sparkle to this distinctive cake, which comes in two sizes: Grande or Midi.

The Cleopatra

Don’t miss out on Bizu’s stunning Towers of Joy, whether it’s cream puffs decorated with sparkly snowflakes, buttery-soft madeleines, or dainty French macarons rising to a height of 12 inches (or even double!). 

Macaron de Paris Tower

Enjoy a selection of holiday cakes which include Chocolate Caramel Cake, Salted Caramel Cake, Strawberry Rose Cake, Bonita Basque Burnt Cheesecake, Ube Basque Burnt Cheesecake and timeless classics such as the Rocher Cake with Hazelnut Ganache, Orange Almond Butter Cake, and rum-soaked Fruit Cake which are also perfect as presents. 


Sensational Christmas party dishes

Christmastime is about savoring both the sweet and succulent. Splurge on crispy-skinned and tender Cochinillo (roast suckling pig), Prime Ribeye Roast Beef, Whole Roast Turkey, Roast Lamb Leg, or 10-hour Roast Beef. Indulge in the rich, smoky, and salty layers of Smoked Salmon Caviar and Baked Salmon Rockefeller, a tradition in many households.  

Smoked Salmon Caviar

Giveaways and boxed treats

Treat yourself to Bizu’s latest macaron flavor – Cookie Butter S’mores Macaron de Paris— delight in the fireside comfort of biting into toasty marshmallow and buttery-almond goodness. Be fanciful and mix up the macaron varieties—a blushing Rose with delicately scented Madagascar Vanilla, French Earl Grey alongside Ube and Queso de Bola, or Malagos Chocolate and Italian Pistachio.

Cookie Butter S’mores Macaron de Paris

Send a chocolate surprise with a box of Truffle Pyramids, candy colored and bursting with distinctive flavors in every bite—including guilt-free varieties such as the sugarless Macadamia Honey (Macadamia nuts, dark chocolate ganache, acacia honey) and Dominique (dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate couverture). 

Truffle Pyramids

It is truly the season of giving. Whether you are leaving Bizu care packages and Le Picnique party trays at the doorsteps of loved ones and neighbors or sending gift baskets to those in need, the act of sharing blessings is its own reward. 

Have a blast as you kiss 2020 goodbye

Time to kiss our cares away and give love on Christmas Day! To place your orders, contact or visit any Bizu branch, with last orders for December 24 to be made by December 21 and last orders for December 31 to be made by December 28. For anything roasted, please allot three (3) days prior to ordering.

All items in the 2020 Christmas Catalogue are available in store or visit You may also order thru text/call/viber at 09153006082 or 0906559662.

Feel free to share your magical holiday experience with Joyeux Noel: Give Love with Bizu using the hashtag #LoveBizuChristmas

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