Noodle Dishes Noche Buena 2020

Noche Buena 2020: Where To Buy Noodles in Metro Manila

A list of places where you can get Noodles in Metro Manila for the holidays.

We may have been locked up at home for the most part of 2020 but that doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating the most festive season of the year. Ready to eat all the delicious food with the whole family? In this special series, we round up your favorite food staple in your Noche Buena spread.

On this list, we give you a rundown of places where you can get Noodles in Metro Manila. Whether it’s Pinoy or Italian spaghetti, pancit canton or misua, any celebration calls for noodles to celebrate long life and blessings. There’s even a belief that these strands must be eaten without cutting them to preserve the fortune of a long life. Below, we list down places where you can get this holiday must-have.


Image: FourK

Cha Misua or Birthday Misua is a traditional Chinese dish that’s eaten by someone who’s celebrating a birthday since it is believed to symbolize long life. FourK’s Cha Misua (P500/good for 2 to 3; P1,200/good for 8 to 10) is packed with all the elements that make for a great misua dish. It has shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, chicken, quail eggs, peanuts, and vegetables.

Order here.

Laura’s Palabok

Image: Laura’s Palabok

There’s just something about palabok that brings you back to the good days. Laura’s Palabok (P60/solo; P250/5pax; P500/10pax; P750/15pax) is the classic one that we grew up with. It has thin noodles and is smothered in its flavorful seafood sauce and is rich in toppings. Its toppings include cubed tofu, boiled eggs, shrimp, shredded tinapa, and pork cracklings.


Order here.

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Papa Pancitan

Image: Papa Pancitan

If you love Manam, you will love this new deliver-only brand from The Moment Group. They serve pancits and ulams in bilao sizes perfect for your modern mini fiestas. They have all kinds of pancit dishes that are good for 3 to 20 pax. A personal favorite is the Pancit Sisig (P498/3-5pax; P708/6-10pax; P808/11-15pax; P838/16-20pax) which has Manam’s well-loved crunchy-crispy pork sisig sitting on thin noodles.

Order here.

Bun Appetit

Image: Bun Appetit

Bun Appetit might be known for their rolls but their Garlic Noodles (P150/solo; P1,200/8-10pax) are a hit as well. It’s egg noodles tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce loaded with spring onions and toasted garlic on top. It’s simple yet packed with flavors.

Order here.

Le Petite Chef

Image: Le Petite Chef

There’s just something about Pinoy spaghetti that screams comfort; mainly because we grew up eating this at home. We may have our own versions of it but Le Petite Chef’s Cheesy Baked Spaghetti (P300/1-2pax; P650/3-5pax; P950/6-8pax) has everything you want in a sweet and cheesy spaghetti. It even has pieces of red hotdogs we really love!

Order here.

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